Challenge 16: Things About News 🤨🤔😩😒🙄😑

If you have ever tried playing the game of “Telephone,” then you would know how that concept can still be used in real life like TV news.

Challenge 16:  Play a game of “Telephone,” it’s fun.


1. Someone A: “Ooh! There’s a BIG new!”

Me: “Good or bad?”

Someone B: “Hey! That’s a FAKE!

Someone A:  “Ew! But what if it’s REAL?”

5. Someone B: “Not reliable! The news can be a LIE.”

Me: “Hey! I heard about this new.”

Someone A:  “What source did you get it from?”

Me: “CNN, New York Times, Washington Posts, KCRA, CBS” (0o0)

Someone A: “Those are just Biases.”

10. Someone B: “You have to read multiple sources, then

Read BETWEEN the Lines.”

Me:  😡 (How? Do I need to learn more foreign languages to read them too?!)

Someone A:  “But someone called “Sandy Hooks” incident a FAKE!

And it came true, not a really a Lie!”

15. Me:  “Sounds like a case of denial and suspicion for cover-up, ants in pants on fires.”

Someone B:  “You’d better get your head into the reality instead of talking about fairytales, myths, gossips and shits! Those are just fake news, NONSENSES!”

Me:  “I just don’t want to talk about this depressing stuff. And that’s just my hobby.”

(Why are you so intent on suppressing my free wills and personal hobbies?)

20. Fake or Real, you tell me.

Reality is fucked up normality, Phenomena is scientific abnormality.

News are just Gossips, Rumors, and Stories.

What differences does it matter whether the News are?

25. We live in a Society Reliant on Accuracies,

Information made of Words, Events by Actions

But when We considers a noticed Threat, Perspectives

Collides as Reliability is in questions, I don’t Give a F*ing Damn

26. Anymore, but our Instincts Always Know the Truths of Foreseen Dangers.

Regardless of Fake, Real, Myths, Superstitious, Rumors, Gossips, Lie, Jokes, Science-Fiction, Absurd, Statistical, Fictional, Theory/Hypothesis yet Unproven, etc.

I tell you this, “A Joke is also a Lie of Creative Humor, but Lie can become a Truth like how TV are called ‘Sci-Fi’ until the modern centuries. The Present is Both Past and Future when Free Wills brings Strife and Life, a little quicker than it should be.”





The Stuffs I Find…. :-[

By TV        January 13, 2019                   9:23:48 PM

*Includes Emojis and Emoticons

1.    The Stuffs I Find….    😐
—     When Surfing the Internet
—     for the Goods in order to be Inspired
—     throughout Comment Section, Forum,     🙂


When Sensitive or a.k.a. Debatable Topics are Commented Upon ….

*Paraphrased Neutrally from a Bystander’s Reading Perspective

8.   Example Taboo Subject:  ( Mature in ?) Discussion about Justification

between A and B:

  • A: “Profane Adjectives Victim 1 really Deserve that Shit Because that Profane Adjectives Victim 1 being a  crappy Person, having shitty Attitude, did Bad Stuffs …… blah-blah-blah!”      >:-0
    • I am just Reading the Comments on a certain Fandom Wiki
    • Misogyny is detected, Curiosity to Disbeliefs when my mouse Scrolled


  • B: “Just Because that Victim 2 has a horrible Experience or was Mistreated by that Victim 1 [or] that Victim 1 may have done Cruel Stuffs, but Victim 1 does NOT Deserve that Shit …… blah-blah-blah!”       >:-0
    • Included a Reference to a character, Jamie Lannister to Game of Thrones
    • I know nothing about Game of Thrones, till B’s spoiler got Told

12. My Thought: “Even if Fictional,       >:-|
—    Who IS/ARE the Victim(s) ?
—    to This, Bystanders Subjected; Like You and I
—    can’t Answer, else be Hypocrites; to this Violence       😦

16. The Stuffs I Find….       😐
—    When Surfing the Internet
—    where the Bads could shock your Heart out-Terrified
—    within Humanity, Lynch Mob Monstrosity, I Ponder       😦


*Since I might be a one-man blogger, I may be blogging 1-2 posts daily instead on Wednesday unless I return to college/work life which will be a week from now.

Depending on how stress-free or how much free-time, I may create more than 1 post frequently or take up more personal blogging-holidays for time-consuming assignments. So please give me a little feedback after I’m done with my daily postings.

How do I control the Fonts and Sizes I write? The formats are constantly changing.



Good Evening! I have a question regarding storytelling or as you can relate to blogging.

Good evening! I have a question today about being a storyteller. I would like to hear your opinions regarding subjects on how to add information into the story that you are sharing with your readers. You can say that I am stuck in a way when I am trying to write a certain piece of the story.


Which one should I start first when you don’t feel like you have the option to choose all if you are working on your first true story like an artist trying to create an impressive art?

A) World-building          B) Character-building          C) Plot-building        

D) Grammar and Correction-building         E)  Genres-building (If the term really exist.)     

F) Author/ Storyteller’s Impression-building (As in building up your own impression )


Thank you for your answer.

Apology for the Latest Inconvenience

Hello Audience and Site Viewers,

I apologize for the latest inconvenience of lack of updates and responses especially for Fangblade Coyote especially on every Wednesday. So today, a few webpages associated with the story titled “Fangblade Coyote” are removed due to its incompleteness, the creator’s procrastination, and lack of future update until future completion.

Thank you Viewers and apology for the inconvenience.


For the Forgotten Wednesday, Yesterday – An Interesting Epiphany

An Interesting Epiphany

December 13, 2018

Major Goal:  For Yesterday’s Wednesday

Minor Goal: Write a little bit about my though at this moment.

Today, I took a little or a few more peek at the Romance Section of Paranormal, Contemporary, Historical, and Fantasy. I have what you call — an epiphany.

A very silly one, also serious too

When people write or discuss “love,”

I do not understand, but wonder why.

There are weird, mushy stuffs that I will describe as

egg-pooper machine chickens, he-man dragons smoking cigarettes and busting muscles for chicks, ugly ducklings honking at the handsome eagles, for eternity together wolves are howling, a donkey turning into a horse that never has to work for life, grouchy biker bear and alien war fest, and last, not least of all — dancing horny unicorns.

Those animals are what I’m describing the love in Romances. There are so many ways to court a love interest in invested emotions and reproductions, but there is always one end result – marriage and babies.

It’s irrational and rational nonsense.

Quite a weird epiphany if you ask me. But it’s also a silly and serious critical thinking. So yes, you can consider “love or romance” in such a way where logics tries to applies to emotions by pheromones overload. That is just what I think.


Apology for the Miss Last Week – Challenge #16

Apology for the Miss Last Week – Goal:  Challenge #16 – Include a Poem in the Narrative


Since last week, I have been unable to post my daily posts and updates to previous posts. This month is my semester’s Finals. I believe that some readers and viewers know what it’s like to prep, study, and fast-pace for their Finals which includes Exams, Projects, Quizzes, Assignments, and Significant Others’ Points that can become either a student’s doom grade or miracle grade.

I am apologizing sincerely for missing out last week’s updates and for this yesterday’s Wednesday and I am writing a narrative with a poem at 1200 artificial word limit inside instead of just a random poem or continuing narrative.

Please give me feedback in the comment section below and thank you.

The Willow that Weeps

December 12, 2018                      11:46 PM

“Dinna go ‘ere, ye silly bairns! ” A grave elderly voice thickened with Scottish accent, fell harshly upon the wispy pale ears of five children in front of a tall, burly man with a greyish-ginger red beard in his black and red checkered shirt. Four of the children were juvenile troublemakers in their pre-teens saved for the youngest girl, who was hugging herself and rocking on the ground.

The angry voice woke up the young man in his thirties with a brown stubble rounding his mouth under his nose to his high cheeks from his nap on the leather couch made of synthetic furs. He sat up with a yawn and leaned against the couch.

“Hey! What did they do this time, Davie?” The man spoke to the big, angry man rebuking the five trembling children in his almost perfect English.

Davie pointed out at the window with his thumb and said, “Conan, wee ones your.”

Uncle Conan looked out the window and saw the black bare pine forest, a startling contrast against the whiteness of the snow. He turned from the window and his face was dark and grim, a rare soberness that caught the attentions of four children.

Uncle Conan said to the two boys and two girls in their pre-teens, “You went there because you want to see if it is true.”

It was a statement, not a question. The older children wondered whether their uncle would give them a stern ear-lashing lecture. Uncle Conan scooped up his youngest niece, Addie and stared at her in the eyes with a fatherly gaze.

She whimpered in a muttering voice, “I….I-I-I-I..”

Uncle Conan rested Addie against his chest as the five years old child clutched to his shirt as if she was holding on for life. Uncle Conan rubbed her back in small soothing circles and Addie fell calmly quiet.

Uncle Conan said to the older children, “Donald, Eagan, Elizabeth, and Lillian, what are you trying to find?”

The boys and one of the girls, Elizabeth felt proud and held out a piece of cloth, “There is a treasure map in the forest!”

Uncle Conan snatched the fabric from their hands and his face became stark pale as snow. Without any hesitation, the man stood up and grabbed his blue and green plaid jacket and brown hat. The four children followed him because they were told to, to the forest that Davie has yelled at the children for.

Uncle Conan stopped at the edge of the forest and knocked on the wood of the tree with the children behind him. The ominous sounds of galloping horses could be heard.

Clop! Clop! Pak! The children saw a black rider riding a fierce, black  stallion toward them in his black and gold plaid leather coat, hat, and cape.

Uncle Conan presented the piece of fabric to the rider with a bow of his head, “Sir, I believe that this is your. I apologize for my nieces and nephews’ rude curiosity. “

Addie turned her head around to see the black rider and bowed her head like her uncle, “Sorry-sorry-ry.”

The black rider spoke to Uncle Conan in a strange language that the children couldn’t understand until the rider galloped away.

Uncle Conan sat down on a sturdy log with Addie and said to the four standing children, “Do you want to hear the story or not?”

The kids nodded their heads and said to their uncle, “What did he say?”

Uncle Conan answered, “A poem that tells a story.

-There was a powerful king a long time ago

-A beautiful queen stood by him in the past

-Their kingdom lost the war to an alliance of ego

-For forty-five days and nights, the royalty was cut last.”


One of the boys excitedly asked, “What happened?”

Uncle Conan answered,

“-The bad guys slaughtered and pillaged

-They hacked the king’s head off his neck

-Tore the queen’s heart out from her chest

-But the children, women, and elderly were ravaged.

-So the king became the Headless Ride upon his death

-Swearing vengeance against his trespassers and foes’ villages

-The queen became the Heartless Maiden.

-She did not cry, but wanders the forest grieving

-It’s no legend. Those who meet the Heartless Widow,

-will tear our their own hearts from their chests, until numbing

-Those hunted by the Headless Rider are cursed with nowhere to hide

-When the willow tree is touched or harmed, the king fell in love with her then his wife can’t break the rules without dying for a pleases to save the world.

-It’s not just about being monsters, they only come for the dead ones.

-Stand or stay near the Willow Tree, the tree is cursed with a woman’s sadness and the king’s power-hungry lust. It’s just a future bloodbath.”

The four children did not understand their uncle’s poem.

One of the boys, Donald protested, “But Uncle! Are you trying to say that ghosts exist? If so, then why are the treasure chests there on this map? Why did you return the map to that foreigner?!”

Smack! Uncle Conan slapped his nephew in the face with his large hand, silencing the youngster’s voice. Uncle Conan was still holding Addie in his arms and scolded the children with a grave, desperate tone. He snatched their hands and sighed in relief.

“The poem I have given you is a warning from our ancestors. Ghosts do exist, so is the Curse of Netherbloom. But if you anger the spirits by taking what is not your, from their resting place, you will have to pay a horrible price. If you bear the black markings on your hands from going to the forbidden forest, you will die. Without your head or your heart in the cruelest, terrifying way possible.”

Lillian cried, “But why should we die from a horrible curse?”

Uncle Conan explained to his niece, “Because we are the descendants of the ones who brutally executed the king and queen of a forgotten empire. Once you know your death markings, you will receive a visit from the old gods, the Headless Rider or the Heartless Widow. Run, then you will be hunted to the end of the world. So I ask you now, what the fuck did you touch in the forest?!”

The four children did not say anything except to continue their defiant protests. Addie began to whimper and shudder, Uncle Conan looked out the window. What he saw brought despair to his face. His knees fell weak and the man sat down on the couch.

Knock! Knock! The people looked out the window and were startled unpleasantly. Against the frosted bluish glass, a woman was dressed in a white veiled dress with a bloody gaping large hole in her chest. Her face could not be seen because of the snow that began to fall harshly from the sky. But she has sharp twisted icicle fangs that glistened in her gentle smile as her black eyes stared at the four children with a delicate hunger.

The girls screamed, the boys shouted. She wrote a strange language on the window’s glass.

Uncle Conan stared at it for thirty seconds after the monstrous woman disappeared into the snowstorm. He said his prayer, “Thank you for forgiving us.” He turned to the children, “That’s a warning to you guys. Don’t go back to the forest anymore idiots.”


Need Comments for This Poem

This should be a poem written from the opposite gender’s perspective with a bit of humors. I would like for any readers to give me some pointers in the comment section below on whether I have fulfilled this poem’s requirements:

1. Is it really from an opposite gender’s perspective?

2. Is it humorous?

3. Is it boring?

Title: Lotus’s Concern

light nature water flowers
Photo by Lerkrat Tangsri on

1. Owner, please stop calling me a female!

A. I am a male!

B. The doctor said so.

2. Because I’m a male!

A. I like to fight and play hard.

B. I like to sit on his back of my bro.

3. Because I’m a male.

A. So Stop calling me a girl!

B. I’m cold-blooded reptile!

4. Owner: I can’t help it.

A. You were a girl for 8 years.

B. So? Cold-blooded reptile’s genders are so hard to tell.

C. Your name is neither male or female. So how can I tell?

Example: There is a Chinese protection Deity, Nezha also called the “Third Lotus Prince” because he was reborn from the flower. (Click on this link, if you want to know more information.)

But if you watch several Chinese films including both dramas and animation types, you would find Nezha’s androgynous gender confusing due to the time period of how children were displayed sometimes.

Challenge 14 – Creating a Ballad

This is the 14th Challenge. I will be writing a poem about a ballad for today. At the end of the poem, I will be trying my hands in referencing to other bloggers’ posts, starting with two for now and URLs attached.

Two weeks from now, we will be having Thanksgivings and by next month, December’s Christmas.

“Yay!” for everybody, but this season is kind of tough. So I will be leaving a haiku at the bottom of the Ballad and the two references.

How does that sound?

Cheer up!

This is also mine and your 14th Challenge today – Write a ballad and gives at least two references to two unrelated posts by other bloggers.

November 14, 2018

8:31 PM

Attempted Form: Ballad

Title: Of Flames and Smokes


1. An unseen horned, silver hare stares,

where the black flames have burned, its eyes bares.

The island was once a beauty of nature.

The mountains vomited its blazing hot magma

2. in the color; like of blood, down goes the lava.

Born from unsung rages and desires,

Obsidian smokes rose from the fires

to destroy the work brought by humanity in immature forms.

3. The hare wonder why it is now —

That the black smoking vomit from the volcano’s mouth

and the trees that bore leaves of gold, brown, bright blood red —

The colors of flames burning with spirits so furious and merry.

4. Hotter and many lives are buried

In the ashes the color of his mature wintermelon, scars of injured.

Sky o’ November stained with ashes,

and all under could barely breathe.

5. There is no relief, but a great grief

When reckless hands stokes the flickering thief.

What do you think the hare sees?

Bans of the flames sparked by wanted needs

6. A record of lost and missing lives;

so gone are the trees, Humans chides

as their homes crumbled to dusts.

The hare watches, “The fire still burns,

7. unseenly consequences of human’s fights.

An untimely tragedy out of control,

One that many relations regret.

Outrage will grow tides of blames.”

So what do you think?

I am having doubts on whether this one sounds like a ballad.

Here are unrelated references:

1) If you would like to read more poems, then you can try this blogger’s poem called the “The Pumpkin’s Fate” created By The Left Hand….

This poem has a unique and a darker perspective.

2) Or you can try read this post, if you desire to read articles or see pictures regarding humanity and landscapes like this one: “The View from Above Iceland” by Edge of Humanity Magazine

In the Edge of Humanity’s posted photos, the country of Iceland might be much more beautiful than you think from the bird’s eyes.

Here’s the haiku I have promised although I wonder if a pet turtle can count as a part of nature in some ways (?)

November 14, 2018

9:52 PM

Attempted Form: Haiku /

Title: Space Turtle?

Unfortunately, the camera has no ways to make the photo clear due to lack of lighting distinctions.

Chose the little lotus flower

Because s(he) was so young green

Reborn with gold tiger stripes

And a snow leopard’s guts like,

Now a ballerina in yoga pose from outer space.

Oops! For November 7 – Challenge #13: Post something nice and inspirational

Oops! I’m sorry that I missed last Wednesday on November 7, but here’s the 13th challenge. You can try posting something nice and inspirational for this month, and if you use someone else’s work, then make sure to ask for permission first. This is my apology.

November is very cold, so chilling

despite all the black smokes burning

with the red flames of last and this week.

Not sure why, but BEWARE of Campfire!


And this is my 13th Challenge:

Everything can destroy a life

Except for death where a cycle goes like a bike,

But survivors will always be stronger and wiser

And prepared than before the next time.

Poem 7 – The Halloween Monster

It’s the Day of the Dead this October,

It’s the Day of Samhaim, over Halloween,

The Day of Yao Guai  is somewhat past in July.

And any other holiday of the spirits.


It’s trick or treat.

Fi-fou-fee, I see


The baby monsters eat

Their candies so sweet.

You could choke on your teeth.


The night is dark and cold,

Lonely are the empty creeping streets.

Not a beat to be heard, silence is eerie.


The little ones have grown,

Not yet gone are the monsters that lives,

They wears new masks, the old ones are gone.


Shed like the caterpillars’ molting green skin,

So the grown-ups in their illusions, fly their wings.

For you, Happy Halloween.

But not for me this eve.

Challenge 10, A Third Poem – Writing an Elegy

Here’s a writing prompt and a challenge from me:  Write an elegy, a poem that mourn a specific loss and praise the object’s achievements or special traits.

Poem 6: Writing an Elegy for the Victimized Fishes

Mom, where are the fishes?
“They died after the bowl got washed.”
“Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!! My poor, poor weebies!”
(Just the innocent little fish-ies.)

Oh, poor little feeder goldfishes, so pitiful
My hands shook delicately with fury so bitter.
Unable to prolong your lives as intended, so shameful.

So fragile, only to be KO when touched the clean water

Down the trash can to the gutter in the sink, Chop! Chop! Brunn!
Pray for your happy lives, your sacrifices being tragically dumped.
Your accidental murders, a lesson for me well learned.
A miracle, you have long outlived your predecessor by three days.

In the great pond of the river and the sea,
Blue and pure beauty, you shall live your hearts.
And I shall have no more of your successors.
For my experiment of prolonging lives.


What are your thoughts about your unique Dream World?

Have you thought about the things you dream and realized that it was just your dream? The things you see in your dreams tends to represent meanings as symbols or instinctive fears. I have asked myself this question many times (after receiving several zombie nightmares):  Is the world, that I have seen in my dreams,  another world on the other side of reality which we always have lived by?

So what do you think? There is a possibility of many people having their own unique version of their dream worlds. But what make their dream worlds in their minds so significant even if it is a little changed and exaggerated to the dreamers?

Challenge 8: Early October Fright Night

The black flat keyboard on the small Dell Laptop felt warmer with each musical pressing of the buttons. Her dry eyes stared at the bright white screen with the blue icon of Microsoft Word Document being lit at the black bottom of the taskbar. Black printed letters appeared as if inked into the monitor’s screen.

She sighed, “I need to turn in my PJ Autobiography to my professor. And there’s a test due Wednesday and another test I really need to study down into my flashcard.”

What’s time is it? She looked at the time in the left lower black corner of the bottom task bar. It’s 12:15 AM. Her older brother is sleeping in his room with dimmed white light glowing from within. But I am still awake.

Ah! I will do it tomorrow morning early by 6:00. So she went to sleep in her bed full of folded and unfolded clean laundry. Click! Click! Click! Click! She raised her to stare at her laptop that was turned off. So creepy. It won’t stop clicking like it’s haunted.

She thought to herself, I should go to sleep for the test tomorrow. She closed her eyes and fell deeply asleep. Buzzz! The laptop’s monitor lit up ominously and a shadow of a black wolf-shaped demon grew bigger and bigger until it smiled with blazing blood red eyes.

The demon inside the glowing laptop cackled silently with gnashing teeth that bleed purplish miasmas, “The delicious fruit will be mine!”

In her dream, the little girl saw strange things like memories that did not belong to her, but a young African American man. He was laughing with a woman in blue dress, who seemed to be his wife and a little boy in his arms. A tortoise? 

It was then that she saw a yellow desert tortoise walking by behind the family against the polished mahogany boarded walls. Then the scene around her shifted as the memories she saw, transformed her surrounding into a living room.

The girl saw a silverfish the size of her pinky finger and its silvery antennas were the length of her ringer finger. The insect skittered across the carpet gray fur floor under the raw leather hide brown couch. Under the couch, a large area under the couch were stained rich red in ghastly blood red and rotting filth brown. Then she saw a yellow desert tortoise walking toward her.

She thought, This is scary. Why am I seeing you in every memory that was not mine? Does this mean I am going to die a slow death in this creepy dream?

The yellow tortoise raised its small head and looked at her with wise gentle, sympathetic eyes. It seems to say, “You will be fine.”

But the girl woke up already and felt a sharp pain as if someone has sunk their claw into her stomach and squeezed two or three organs together. She lifted the blanket and turned on the light in the restroom. It was an agonizing stomach cramp, yet her period haven’t come yet. She stared at her phone’s clock, “I woke up at 1:15 AM? An upset stomach this early, so weird.”

The agonizing stomach cramp did not stop coming to the girl who tried to lie down on her bed and take a nap. At 2:30 AM, she went to the restroom because her stomach felt nauseous as if a man has punched her belly with his iron fist.  By 3:45 AM, the girl returned and wondered, what could be going on with my stomach?! It was 4:24 AM, the girl stared at her cell phone as she tried to release the pain from her stomach that couldn’t stop rolling like a washing machine spinning the dirty clothes violently.

Then the girl finally left the restroom and thought to herself, It feels like I am playing a creepy game of Five Nights at Freddy’s in the restroom and my bedroom. What the hell is going on? Not to mention that creepy laptop hasn’t stopped clicking like someone taking private pictures of me in my room! I’m scared!

She fell asleep for an hour and ten minutes, before she woke up to find her laptop bursting into hazardous flame. The flame devoured the dry paper white walls and roared as gas pipes broke loose and leaked into the room.

At 7:24 AM, a house on Stocker Street has been burned down. But the accursed laptop was drained dead and undamaged without any sign of a scratch nor burns. What’s even more disturbing was the message of the virus that was caught and cleansed by Anti-Virus system:  He, who slacks from his homework will be sent by the Examiner to suffer in hell of a thousand bleeding tests!


TV – End of the story. But this should be a writing prompt for anyone who want to write a narrative or their own creative writing about a seemingly-scary story.


Challenge 6 – Another Poem?

Today is Challenge 6! But I have a question since I wrote this poem which was supposed to be a syntax type and was told that it includes diction type as well.

So let see if you are up to the challenge of identifying any syntax, diction, or the message within this poem or is it a little too much?

Poem 4:  Type – Syntax; Flaws of the Asian Novel Clichés

  1. Lousy reading, a quite pain is
    1. Shame very such, sucks too much.


  1. Of immortal cultivation, learned I
    1. Overdose gone junkies, by pills, what?
  1. Of vengeful rebirth, astounded I
    1. Scheming outlast spies, by words, what?


  1. Tried out, the other novels of gaming otome,
    1. Turned out, narrow-minded are disturbed authors.
  1. Read this novel, like a broken radio static
    1. Modernizing idiots to geniuses, annoying converters.


Of a nobody trash overcomes, angered I

  1. Trash are disabilities, not specialties, the heck?

Of ability device and transmigration, wondered I

  1. Preset are racism, beauty white and brown plain, the heck?


So messy story bad, learned new things: “puking blood.”

The flaws are so bad, my brain’s grammars got scrambled.



Challenge 5 – Writing a Haiku

Today is Challenge 5, I will be trying to write a haiku for this season on October 3.

 Stormy darkness unveils,

 Will it rain today? Maybe tomorrow.

The cold, moist sky that darken in grey,

Is gentle, my eyes unlike the bright blue sunny.



Please tell me if I am not doing the haiku right and thank you for reading. And this is your challenge 5:  try to write a haiku about your season of your current month.

Challenge 4 – Write a Prompt for Fun

Hello! Time for Challenge 4 –  Working for Fun. Today, we are going to take a picture of something like this:


Such as your pets, flowers, or anything else you want to post or write a prompt about. For example, Lotus is receiving a smug halo from the warm heat lamp’s golden white rays while sitting on top of another turtle named Robot. Robot is pleading to the camera, “Please! Please help get this heavy guy off my back! I’m scared.”

Lotus says, “Hell no!”

Robot looked at the water and inched closer, and closer. SMASH! Both turtles hit the water with the sound of dropping an egg on a hard floor. Robot paddled his way up through the water to the basking dock and sat there.

Robot sighed, “Aaaaahhh.”

Lotus climbed back up the rock toward the basking dock where Robot sat back on his old throne, “Oh no you don’t!”


Meanwhile Spot, the black turtle looked on, “Seriously guys? I want to get up there!”


And the cycle repeats until they are exhausted themselves to a peaceful nap at night.

(No turtles were harmed in the process in real life or fiction life. Because this is Climb the Slide and Smash Game of hilarity.)

Challenge 03

Greetings to everybody!

Since this is the month of September, I have always wondered about the months. Do you believe that the twelve months of a year could possibly be represented by the possible elemental aspects of emotions?

And this is what I think of the months and emotions based on a few holidays:

  1. January – New Year Day + Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day = Joy + Relief + History 
  2. February – Valentine + President (s)’ Days  = LOVE! + History  (It’s kinda awkward with the pollen of spring.)
  3. March – St. Patrick = Fun + Lucky 
  4. April – April Fool =  Surprise + Meh. + Fun 
  5. May – Mother’s Day + Memorial Day = Gratitude + Sorrow + Respect + Trust 
  6. June – Father’s Day = Gratitude + Respect +  Trust
  7. July – Independence Day = Joy + Historical Moments 
  8. August – Patriots’ Day ? (August does not ave a specific national holiday like February or September) =   Work + Anxiety +Anticipation +  (May or may not involves Anger)
  9. September – Veteran’s Day + Labor Day = Respect + Fun Vacation + Sorrow + Trust
  10. October – Halloween + Columbus Day = Fear + Fun 
  11. November – Thanksgiving = Gratitude + Hunger + Trust
  12. December – Christmas = Gratitude + Joys +Fun + Unity + Trust

This is your Challenge 03! A penny for your thoughts? What do you think each month represent in your own words to you?






Introduction: Hola, Hello, Konnichiwa, Nihao, Etc. To Everyone!

Hello! I am Victoria, who will be blogging on every Wednesday of the week. My friends often called me TV because I have just recently met other Victorias, so I gave my friends my nickname to prevent calling the wrong person.

I have started blogging because I want to learn how to become a good writer who know how to post and create stories online even on my own blogs one day. I chose Wednesday because I always come home to see my pet basking like ballerina on a live rock. It’s funny enough to lift my tired spirit and give me new ideas.

However this is my first time blogging, so please treat me well.

Here’s a challenge and take a guess! 

1) How many pets do you think I have? (Hint! – Only the alive ones.)

2) How many animals do I have in my room? (Hint! – No more than 30.)

Post your answers to the challenge and thank you!

School Week is here!

Classes are starting, I gotta take my seat. Look like I won’t be able to make a daily post today and three days ago, but a weekly post instead every Friday.

Sorry about this. I can try do my best, although it’s tough to get inspired by things when you feel a Crisis Incoming Alarm. Especially with family, career, and all things required for future.

But today, I have been researching on a Character’s Attractiveness or Beauty Standards. It’s tough in trying to create a plain chubby character with an exotic, youthful and sassy, mature appeals.

Any tips for creating traits about sassy, exotic, and mature appeals?

Challenge 15: Whoopsie! Missed Jan 15 and 16. – Character Building Tips

Sorry about two days’ lacks of posts!

I was still building my Protagonist Character for a specific story. But I might have noticed a few things when it come to adding information.

If a writer add too much information on a specific area in the Character’s development, then it can ruin a Character’s life in Its story.

But if the writer feel that the excessive information is still necessary, then I suggest a few things:

1. Categorize, or compartmentalize the Character’s data into several Sections like—

A: Basic Info, B: Criminal Record, C: Relationship/Family Record, D: Identities, Aliases, and Names, E: Talents, Skills, Abilities, etc.

2. Eliminate any data that you are uncertain about for example when you can’t decide what exact kind of species, class, job, true personality, etc. your Character is.

You can either leave that data out or refrain from putting it into the Character until you come back to it later on.

3. Reduce or limit the number of data within a Character’s specific area like Titles or Ephitets to a minimum number of how many things you can keep in there.

4. Make sure your Character have the right feel when it comes to adding data into his personality.

If you think that your Character has too much stuffs, then you may want to edit a few things out.

Like if your Character ends up obtaining all the SuperPowers, but mo weaknesses and you feel wrong? Then re-edit the information.

5. If for some reasons, you aren’t sure what your character is supposed to look like?

Then draw your Character on any piece of paper with a pencil or pen and add the desired colors later on.

*Even an ugly stick doodle will do fine as long that you can add tags of words, traits, clothes, etc. and colors onto your Character’s skeleton.

*You get free times to play with arts, creativity, and styles.

This will be Challenge 15!

Choose a Character and post your current best Character’s profile containing a little information with name, age, status, class, gender, race, ephitet, and a photo on your blog !

(Just not exactly everything lol)

Character-Building? 😅

The importance of character developments have always been emphasized multiple in Creative Writing Classes. But how do you start?

I’m working on that now. Instead of Character Planner, my current project is something like a status or profile window you would often find in Fandom Wikis.

My Goal: Make the character’s data look a little informative like the types of information you would find in background checks or a character’s status window in fantasy gaming setting.

It gets more complicated, the more you get greedy in trying to put all in or in breaking down categories into subs and more subs.

Here’s what I think would be alright for a character’s basic profile:

(Mainly the types of questions you would ask in order to get to know someone.)

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Class/Job
  • Professional Rank
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Birthday
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Nationality
  • Is this person Alive, Dead, Active, MIA, health/mortality status etc?
  • Goal
  • + Etc. Stuffs that you can add later on.

Appearance, Personality, Relationship, Family, Associations, and etc. are not really necessary when you are just looking at someone’s background in a basic mode. Because it can get in the way, if there is too much information.

For example, when you try to use Identify on an Non-Playable Character, all the data will overwhelm you instead.

Or, when you are trying to create a rounded character, err.. the character mag become difficult to sympathesize or somehow identify with.

So what do you think?