Visions of Foretellers 2

By TV                        Age: 20, CRC student, year 3
Date: Nov302019 – Sat032817P – MT 15:28:17

*Note – Ditched the Archaic Accent; Peerless Match
TV: Being a little sarcastic about the names, lol.

1. Aoyei, the Shadow Walker -:- Grandaunt of 14th Chief of Iveplan Tribe (IT)
Setting – Mesokéyahi XIII-125, Tergai PCam; Aeagnap – AP 2

Scene – Grandaunt of 14th Chief of Iveplan Tribe sat alone by a campfire on a full moon in the forest. She invited a mysterious shaman called the Shadow Walker, Shaowei into her campfire circle. The girl consulted Shaowei about the reasons behind the existences of her tribal emblems and her family history that could relate to the deaths of many people especially her father, grandfather, and forefather before her.
Before leaving, Aoyei gave the girl a deerskin codex to inscribe and encrypt the hidden prophecy within the codex to help lessen the girl’s ancestral curse. The codes can only be known to the inscriber and her disciples with the task finished in secrecy. If caught doing the task, the girl will face a dishonorable death.

“My family are dying because of this cursed crest.”
—Grandaunt of 14th Chief of IT –>

Marked men before him
Strings entwined in same sins,
Carry on the next torch again
<– Aoyei the Shadow Walker—

Even babies are not spared.
What have my Ancestors done?”
—Grandaunt of 14th Chief of IT –>

Their lies dyed countless lives.
A young Kindred died in the same strife.

<– Aoyei the Shadow Walker—

“Too much grievances and hatred.
But enough to curse us.
Even if I told them, they won’t listen.
When will it end?”
—Grandaunt of 14th Chief of IT –>

Wise and bold than men afore you
Take to inscribe words behind its veils,
In forms only thou and thy pupils knowst.
In return, thy family bane will wane.
None must knowst else, awaits a grave shame.
<– Aoyei the Shadow Walker—

*Note – Do not research Chinese Centaurs if you have not yet been exposed to those sort of horror-apocalypse type of myths/manga/arts/webtoons/comics/etc. including: Jinmen, Pymalion, Giant Bug World, or Uma-Prince game app, etc. TV, they don’t have that sort of variant even though this description would have fit well with the story. 

2. Shaowei the Gray Lady -:- Four Dandies
Setting – Hongtze XV-119, Tergai POrd; Aitonnap – AP 3

Scene – Four men were having a party in a teahouse in the bamboo forest on a full moon. They met Shaowei known as the Gray Lady and paid her to divine their future. Three men were destined to become political figures of power in their own countries with an international catastrophic bad ending – war from excessive greed and lust over a beauty. The fourth man asked Shaowei for helps on finding a wife, basically love instead of learning of his future and was given a prescription sachet. Shaowei left the teahouse before sunrise and all the men had hangover amnesia except for one.

“Hey sister, there’s 4500 golds! What’s our futures?”
“This is interesting. 2100 golds on bad fortune. ”
“I bet 7800 golds for my good fortune! *Belch”
—Man in Red Robes, Man in Blue Hate, Man in Green Shoes –>

Red winds blow, silk clouds
For a proud eagle

Blue waves flow, ivory snows
For a wise serpent

Green hills grow, gold dusts
For a mighty lion

Beware of lustful greed, deceit, and envy
Don’t covet another’s Beauty.
<– Shaowei the Gray Lady—

“And if we proceed?”
<– Man in Blue Hat—

Deaths and castrations.
No refunds.
<– Shaowei the Gray Lady—

*Speechless (TV: You asked for it, you get it.)
“She’s a fraud!”
<– Man in Blue Hat, Man in Green Shoes—

“Hey brother! Come and try your future!”
—Man in Red Robes –>

“No thanks. I would rather not know.
Is there a talisman that can guide me home?”
—Man with Yellow Hairs –>

There is. Prescription already in.
—Shaowei the Gray Lady –>

“Name your price.”
<– Man with Yellow Hairs—

On the receipt. Don’t forget it.
<– Shaowei the Gray Lady—

“Thank you Gray Lady.”
<– Man with Yellow Hairs—

—— Sunrise, 6 hours later ——

Write a string in blood for a butterfly
to lead a thunder leopard to a cactus of silk.
Cherish and guard her with a Hero’s life.

<– Man with Yellow Hairs—

[Sounds of a Butterfly Taking Flights]


Visions of Foretellers 1

By TV                        Age: 20, CRC student, year 3
Date: Nov272019 – Wed082016P – MT 20:20:16

*Note – Use of a little archaic terms; Ancestral Grudge

1. Old Woman  -:-  26th Prince of Divine Blade (DB) Clan
Setting:  8 years ago, Divine Blade (DB) Territory
Scene: Old Woman told the 26th Prince of his fortune before she disappeared from sight. The 26th Prince is confused about her meanings.

Thy dream realized
Restrain thine greed, leave the stars be
Maidens of golden bloom naught for thy desire
—Old Woman  –>

<– 26th Prince of DS Clan—

Direct Translate for Literature-Bore Haters  –

Your dreams will come true. But control your greed and leave the Star Rune Tribe alone. The prince shouldn’t mess with any girl who bore the markings of a golden rose as well.

2. Aowei the Graybound Walker -:> 26th Prince of DB Clan
Setting:  11 years later, Sun Sword (SS) Territory
Scene: An Ayde, Aowei the Graybound Walker, stood alone on a mountain far away and looked on as the 26th Prince-Chief led his armies to massacre the Star Rune Village. The Ayde commented on the 26th Prince-Chief’s violent status promotion.

Forewarned yet greed sought ruin
Fool unfit for a throne built on kins’ bones
<–  Aowei, the Graybound Walker—

“Take the women and kill the rest! Don’t let them escape!”
—26th Prince-Chief  –>

[Screams of Death]

Direct Translate for Literature-Bore Haters –

Dude’s dumb as rock. He was already warned against being too ambitious by going after the Star Rune Village just to seize the women marked with golden rose out of spite. The prince got so greedy and stole the Chief’s power that was meant for his father’s other chosen heir. He also killed off his father, all his uncles, brothers, and anyone with royal blood and the potential to compete for the throne. His actual throne was really made of bones covered in gold plating.

3. Aowei, the Graybound Walker -:- Emperor of Sun Sword SS)Clan, Slave Child
Setting:  11 years later, Sun Sword (SS) Territory
Scene: The 26th Prince-Chief became the Emperor and renamed his clan from Divine Blade to Sun Sword Clan. The Emperor was about to kill a Slave Child for cleaning his throne. A mysterious Ayde confronted the Emperor in this throne chamber while admiring his golden crown.
The Slave Child respectfully bowed and offered her last candies upon recognizing the mysterious Ayde’al, Aowei the Graybound Walker. At the end of conversation with the Emperor, Aowei took the Slave Child to disappear into the shadows once more.

“How dare you filthy mongrel defile my (god) throne?!”
<–  Emperor of SS Clan—

Dark arts encrusted dead stars
Too many wrongs made,
Too late, thou shalt payth.
—Aowei the Graybound Walker  –>

“Who is tis bold to dare touch my (god) crown?”
<–  Emperor of SS Clan—

“O great one who walks abound gray,
I hast but a few to offer thee.”
—Slave Child  –>

A kind treat, I thank thee
Thou art free, a happy life awaits
<–  Aowei the Graybound Walker—

“Thank you.”
—Slave Child  –>

“What art my (god) crimes and my (god) fates o’ Great Walker?”
—Emperor of SS Clan  –>

Thousands thou hadst devoured
Three hearts tainth afore thy fire
Last fallen star borne, o’ Nether, a flower

Seven millions bound, death enshroud
Sea of blood shareth, a cadet slain its lion foresire
Unto roth of flesh and agony, war drawn power
<–  Aowei the Graybound Walker—

“But tis my (god) father’s fate?!”
—Emperor of SS Clan  –>

Thou doth not learnst thine lesson afore
So ye and thy children’s children must bear the lion’s share
Come poor child to the wild.
<–  Aowei the Graybound Walker—

Direct Translate for Literature-Bore Haters –

Aowei stated that the Emperor have to pay a terrible price for using dark arts in destroying lives just to obtain his power. The apology’s also past the deadline. The Slave paid respect by sacrificing all her candies to Aowei because Aowei was a deity of mystery that should never be offended according to the Slave’s people. In gratitude, Aowei told the Slave that she will have her freedom and a happy ending. The Emperor mocked Aowei to share his fate and crimes.

Aowei gave the Emperor a prophecy (vague spoiler) about how the Emperor brought his own downfall and the birth of his killer with the mark of a Netherbloom, and etc. The Emperor was shocked because he heard a prophecy exactly identical to his dead father’s prophecy. Aowei told the Emperor that he and his descendants will suffer for years because the Emperor have repeated his mistake from his previous lifetime. Aowei and the Slave left the Emperor alone to his regrets.

Labyrinth of Emotions

Date:  Nov11272019 – Wed024420P – MT 14:44:20

On days like now,
my feelings — as I walk down,
I don’t want to do anything.
Indeed, I am lazy, but it’s my pain.

On days like this,
Chills ripples in waves from my abyss
Tingling round my pockmarked back,
spine, and my arms like fire.

On days like these,
of pale blush in pink
my palm with crooked fingertips
the heart beat. Duh-buh. Duh. Buh.

Indiscernible walls block me
A labyrinth of sentiments, halls of darkness
empty, near hollow. The beats echoes. Dud-Lud.



September 23, 2019 – Race of Life

The tiny stars in the darkness twinkled. A few were very bright to the naked eyes of perfect vision while a million were so dim, barely visible to untrained eyes afflicted with myopia. There was a small house with red roofs and walls of pink wooden panels, sitting within a barrier of mountain forest. The silvery white moonlight shone through the cracks of window blinds into a dark room. The orange glow of the fireplace’s ember lit up the room and offered warmth of affections upon the two anthropomorphic animal mates –  a golden dog with a round belly and a large fanged hare with tiger stripes.

There was three children in a golden dog’s belly. The mother hound had lain down on a mat of furs as soft as cotton clouds. The father hare’s wolf ears twitched and nuzzled his mate’s soft belly gently as he stand guard over her. The moonlight began to dim and the fire in the fireplace grew fierce against the passing of time.

It’s time.

Time to witness this moment of miracle.

The children inside the golden dog’s belly shifted and transformed over times. At first, they were little spots inside a circle of jellies. Then in the second stage, the creatures grew small orange-pink fleshy heads, giant eyes, and tiny fingers. In the third stage, the creatures grew into little ugly monsters of fleshes with their beating hearts with blood veins branched out and has four limbs, a tailbone, and a humane structure. In the final stage, those little monstrous offspring turned into animals, their natural forms while swimming around in their mother’s womb.

The first child to be born was a cub with hooves for feet, the ears and nose just like her mother, the body of a young bovine calf, and both the tail and gills of a bull shark. She, the Cow, has fallen out from her mother’s womb unexpectedly and unharmed. The baby animal stood up on its trembling muscled legs. Her father puffed up his furry chest with a huff of pride as his cotton tail joyously wagged side to side.

The second child, a Rabbit, was lighter, paler, and smaller than the rest of her siblings. Born at the witching hour of 1:00 AM, her skin was white as moonlit snow. She bore resemblance to her father’s lagomorphic figure, but only with larger yellow floppy ears, the stripes of a raccoon, a bald rat tail, her mother’s nose, and both legs and eyes of a Bengal cat. Her mother and father stared at their secondborn offspring incredulously. So small and weak, yellow jaundice covered her pale skin where it should have been pink, but the cub was still healthy. The father snorted as many animals asked the child’s mother whether her daughter was the offspring of a western wolf. It’s impossible.

The third child was hatched out from a large, fat egg as a cub with a cockscomb on his head, talons for feet, a sharp beak for a mouth, and a flapping pair of fuzzy yellow wings grown in places of his arms. The golden dog laid the egg in her nest once and both mates were puzzled. Just like the Cow, this was the first time they had seen a Chicken hatched out from their bloodlines since the mother dog knew her parental family only has Dog, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, and Dragon while her mate’s parental family shared ancestry with Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Goat, Pig, and Rabbit.

The two parent animals wondered, This is getting weird, but the other unseen zodiac animals have started to reappear in the next generation.

Twenty years has long passed since the birth of Nart children.

Rearing the youngs have always been difficult a task in times of recessions, but a bundle of joys and hopes indeed when despair almost edged the line.

In an era of peace where financial and economic conflicts fluctuated like the tidal waves of the ocean, the second generation was called the Millennials. They were the most creative and adaptable animals born with traits of either or both pessimistic and optimistic egos to the point of being depressing or too arrogant.

However at the same time due to several factors regarding the consumptions of certain produces, the chemical wastes of environmental resources manipulated for the society’s self-interests, and the rise of violent outbreaks among domestic wildlife, a huge percentage of birth defects such as absent appendages, severe allergies, and mental instability among the younglings ran rampant since the 1990s.

The Cow, Neila Tang was doing her best to stabilize income for her family as the eldest child and to keep to date with her social peers in the work force. She was helping students with their needs for financial aids and their desire to finish their courses specific to only their fields of studies and careers. Patient, mature, and composed, yet brutally argumentative with common logics and reasoning, Neila has a weak allergy toward pollens and shellfishes that gave her hives despite being the healthiest ones among her siblings.

Neila was the one, who had managed to adapt the most to the modern society.

The Chicken, San Tang was spending times in high school and has been attempting to keep up with his grades despite his attention deficits hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Cocky, hot-headed, and charming, but San was the baby of the family spoiled by the females and trained by his father with family expectations and values. San sometimes loves to play-bite his older sisters and annoy them to the point, the sisters wanted to chase him out of their personal dens. But as his parents has discovered, San was not immune to dangerous allergic reactions caused by black XO beans and the commonly modified peanuts that gave him uncontrollable rashes.

San was the one, who would have to work thrice as hard to compete with others.

The Rabbit, Terubi Tang shared similar traits with her sister and her brother. She was still a student, who was looking for opportunities to gain work experiences and complete all her academic goals. Despite having a character of creativity, humors, and honesty, Terubi was the dumb, awkward, and anti-social rulebreaker, who tried to compromise and succeed other’s expectations. She was forced to cope with her floppy ears that grew too large and too weak to receive and transmit sonic frequency signals to her brain. A loud Rabbit that could neither be deaf nor hearing was a tough flaw in her biological system, but Terubi’s possession of vivid imagination occasionally sing of unoriginal creativity and frequently whisper of undead fears to her mind. Not a madness, but the apocalyptic depression that comes in every changes of seasons, bringing rain of self-blame, angst, suicidal melancholy, and hateful indifference.

Terubi was the one, who was said to be special, yet ordinarily disappoint her peers.

The Race of Life has begun! 

From the time of their births, with or without consents,

a million lives on the lines that edges between the perilous cliffs and the turbulent seas

like wild animals, we run from the start to the finish

for bloods, foods, loves, and the promised home of paradise called Life.

Some will fall, some will crash, some will drown, some will burn, some will turn,

behind their tails, chases after them, the human races made hungry monsters.

Some will die and others will rise as primary, secondary, and apex consumers, producers 

the weakest of the lowest scream of anguish, the strongest of the highest laugh in joy.

Such was the way of Life, all animals no matter their feathers, furs, nor scales must compete in a world where money and power matters so much it could turn us either into monsters or immortals of legends no matter the natures of their beliefs and emotions.

The Past pursue Them, only because Their summon in Present, as Future awaits for  Them a destructive repetition or improving continuity.  




Ringing Echoes of Silence

March 17, 2019              11:59 PM          by TV

Eeee-ing, eee-ing,

Eeee-ing, eee-ing,

Like the ringing and clinging of a wind chime

My head feels heavy, yet I’m very scared.

As if mother’s tales have come true.



This awful Silence echoes in my mind.




Not like ghosts, but the sounds of a computer’s fan

Whirring and burring, louder and louder.

As if misfortune will kill my computer.

Pray never it does.


This awful Silence echoes in my mind.


My voice want to scream, but

My mind know that it’s not real as

My soul shudder in fears.

Because I can hear it, yet no one around me can.


It is the painful song of Silence, one that echoes in rings and buzzes

It is where the unheard Voices of Creativity has gone,

When real, it is diagnosed as Tinnitus.

Thinking about Blowing Steams

  1. |When I’m thinking about blowing

  |some steams. Not what your heads turning,

   Mind you.

 |Mental screams for physical, calling.

5.             |Where sounds never bounce out of bounds.


|All the words that make me rages,

 |But my anger, I must cage

|Smash some glasses, punch a hole in the wall

|Crush some rocks, kick a ball in the stall

10.                  |But I sit to scribble my plots and seethes. 


|When news are all the talks in ages,

        |But my justices, I must debate

|Smash some brasses, break a bowl over the ball

|Crush some blocks, lunge a  cannonball at the evil in the mall

15.                  |But I sit to scribble my plots and seethes.


It’s not worth the stress.

It’s none of my business.

Even so far away, already powerless.

We can only do what we can for being hypocrites.







Challenge 16: Things About News 🤨🤔😩😒🙄😑

If you have ever tried playing the game of “Telephone,” then you would know how that concept can still be used in real life like TV news.

Challenge 16:  Play a game of “Telephone,” it’s fun.


1. Someone A: “Ooh! There’s a BIG new!”

Me: “Good or bad?”

Someone B: “Hey! That’s a FAKE!

Someone A:  “Ew! But what if it’s REAL?”

5. Someone B: “Not reliable! The news can be a LIE.”

Me: “Hey! I heard about this new.”

Someone A:  “What source did you get it from?”

Me: “CNN, New York Times, Washington Posts, KCRA, CBS” (0o0)

Someone A: “Those are just Biases.”

10. Someone B: “You have to read multiple sources, then

Read BETWEEN the Lines.”

Me:  😡 (How? Do I need to learn more foreign languages to read them too?!)

Someone A:  “But someone called “Sandy Hooks” incident a FAKE!

And it came true, not a really a Lie!”

15. Me:  “Sounds like a case of denial and suspicion for cover-up, ants in pants on fires.”

Someone B:  “You’d better get your head into the reality instead of talking about fairytales, myths, gossips and shits! Those are just fake news, NONSENSES!”

Me:  “I just don’t want to talk about this depressing stuff. And that’s just my hobby.”

(Why are you so intent on suppressing my free wills and personal hobbies?)

20. Fake or Real, you tell me.

Reality is fucked up normality, Phenomena is scientific abnormality.

News are just Gossips, Rumors, and Stories.

What differences does it matter whether the News are?

25. We live in a Society Reliant on Accuracies,

Information made of Words, Events by Actions

But when We considers a noticed Threat, Perspectives

Collides as Reliability is in questions, I don’t Give a F*ing Damn

26. Anymore, but our Instincts Always Know the Truths of Foreseen Dangers.

Regardless of Fake, Real, Myths, Superstitious, Rumors, Gossips, Lie, Jokes, Science-Fiction, Absurd, Statistical, Fictional, Theory/Hypothesis yet Unproven, etc.

I tell you this, “A Joke is also a Lie of Creative Humor, but Lie can become a Truth like how TV are called ‘Sci-Fi’ until the modern centuries. The Present is Both Past and Future when Free Wills brings Strife and Life, a little quicker than it should be.”




The Stuffs I Find…. :-[

By TV        January 13, 2019                   9:23:48 PM

*Includes Emojis and Emoticons

1.    The Stuffs I Find….    😐
—     When Surfing the Internet
—     for the Goods in order to be Inspired
—     throughout Comment Section, Forum,     🙂


When Sensitive or a.k.a. Debatable Topics are Commented Upon ….

*Paraphrased Neutrally from a Bystander’s Reading Perspective

8.   Example Taboo Subject:  ( Mature in ?) Discussion about Justification

between A and B:

  • A: “Profane Adjectives Victim 1 really Deserve that Shit Because that Profane Adjectives Victim 1 being a  crappy Person, having shitty Attitude, did Bad Stuffs …… blah-blah-blah!”      >:-0
    • I am just Reading the Comments on a certain Fandom Wiki
    • Misogyny is detected, Curiosity to Disbeliefs when my mouse Scrolled


  • B: “Just Because that Victim 2 has a horrible Experience or was Mistreated by that Victim 1 [or] that Victim 1 may have done Cruel Stuffs, but Victim 1 does NOT Deserve that Shit …… blah-blah-blah!”       >:-0
    • Included a Reference to a character, Jamie Lannister to Game of Thrones
    • I know nothing about Game of Thrones, till B’s spoiler got Told

12. My Thought: “Even if Fictional,       >:-|
—    Who IS/ARE the Victim(s) ?
—    to This, Bystanders Subjected; Like You and I
—    can’t Answer, else be Hypocrites; to this Violence       😦

16. The Stuffs I Find….       😐
—    When Surfing the Internet
—    where the Bads could shock your Heart out-Terrified
—    within Humanity, Lynch Mob Monstrosity, I Ponder       😦


*Since I might be a one-man blogger, I may be blogging 1-2 posts daily instead on Wednesday unless I return to college/work life which will be a week from now.

Depending on how stress-free or how much free-time, I may create more than 1 post frequently or take up more personal blogging-holidays for time-consuming assignments. So please give me a little feedback after I’m done with my daily postings.

How do I control the Fonts and Sizes I write? The formats are constantly changing.



For the Forgotten Wednesday, Yesterday – An Interesting Epiphany

An Interesting Epiphany

December 13, 2018

Major Goal:  For Yesterday’s Wednesday

Minor Goal: Write a little bit about my though at this moment.

Today, I took a little or a few more peek at the Romance Section of Paranormal, Contemporary, Historical, and Fantasy. I have what you call — an epiphany.

A very silly one, also serious too

When people write or discuss “love,”

I do not understand, but wonder why.

There are weird, mushy stuffs that I will describe as

egg-pooper machine chickens, he-man dragons smoking cigarettes and busting muscles for chicks, ugly ducklings honking at the handsome eagles, for eternity together wolves are howling, a donkey turning into a horse that never has to work for life, grouchy biker bear and alien war fest, and last, not least of all — dancing horny unicorns.

Those animals are what I’m describing the love in Romances. There are so many ways to court a love interest in invested emotions and reproductions, but there is always one end result – marriage and babies.

It’s irrational and rational nonsense.

Quite a weird epiphany if you ask me. But it’s also a silly and serious critical thinking. So yes, you can consider “love or romance” in such a way where logics tries to applies to emotions by pheromones overload. That is just what I think.


Apology for the Miss Last Week – Challenge #16

Apology for the Miss Last Week – Goal:  Challenge #16 – Include a Poem in the Narrative


Since last week, I have been unable to post my daily posts and updates to previous posts. This month is my semester’s Finals. I believe that some readers and viewers know what it’s like to prep, study, and fast-pace for their Finals which includes Exams, Projects, Quizzes, Assignments, and Significant Others’ Points that can become either a student’s doom grade or miracle grade.

I am apologizing sincerely for missing out last week’s updates and for this yesterday’s Wednesday and I am writing a narrative with a poem at 1200 artificial word limit inside instead of just a random poem or continuing narrative.

Please give me feedback in the comment section below and thank you.

The Willow that Weeps

December 12, 2018                      11:46 PM

“Dinna go ‘ere, ye silly bairns! ” A grave elderly voice thickened with Scottish accent, fell harshly upon the wispy pale ears of five children in front of a tall, burly man with a greyish-ginger red beard in his black and red checkered shirt. Four of the children were juvenile troublemakers in their pre-teens saved for the youngest girl, who was hugging herself and rocking on the ground.

The angry voice woke up the young man in his thirties with a brown stubble rounding his mouth under his nose to his high cheeks from his nap on the leather couch made of synthetic furs. He sat up with a yawn and leaned against the couch.

“Hey! What did they do this time, Davie?” The man spoke to the big, angry man rebuking the five trembling children in his almost perfect English.

Davie pointed out at the window with his thumb and said, “Conan, wee ones your.”

Uncle Conan looked out the window and saw the black bare pine forest, a startling contrast against the whiteness of the snow. He turned from the window and his face was dark and grim, a rare soberness that caught the attentions of four children.

Uncle Conan said to the two boys and two girls in their pre-teens, “You went there because you want to see if it is true.”

It was a statement, not a question. The older children wondered whether their uncle would give them a stern ear-lashing lecture. Uncle Conan scooped up his youngest niece, Addie and stared at her in the eyes with a fatherly gaze.

She whimpered in a muttering voice, “I….I-I-I-I..”

Uncle Conan rested Addie against his chest as the five years old child clutched to his shirt as if she was holding on for life. Uncle Conan rubbed her back in small soothing circles and Addie fell calmly quiet.

Uncle Conan said to the older children, “Donald, Eagan, Elizabeth, and Lillian, what are you trying to find?”

The boys and one of the girls, Elizabeth felt proud and held out a piece of cloth, “There is a treasure map in the forest!”

Uncle Conan snatched the fabric from their hands and his face became stark pale as snow. Without any hesitation, the man stood up and grabbed his blue and green plaid jacket and brown hat. The four children followed him because they were told to, to the forest that Davie has yelled at the children for.

Uncle Conan stopped at the edge of the forest and knocked on the wood of the tree with the children behind him. The ominous sounds of galloping horses could be heard.

Clop! Clop! Pak! The children saw a black rider riding a fierce, black  stallion toward them in his black and gold plaid leather coat, hat, and cape.

Uncle Conan presented the piece of fabric to the rider with a bow of his head, “Sir, I believe that this is your. I apologize for my nieces and nephews’ rude curiosity. “

Addie turned her head around to see the black rider and bowed her head like her uncle, “Sorry-sorry-ry.”

The black rider spoke to Uncle Conan in a strange language that the children couldn’t understand until the rider galloped away.

Uncle Conan sat down on a sturdy log with Addie and said to the four standing children, “Do you want to hear the story or not?”

The kids nodded their heads and said to their uncle, “What did he say?”

Uncle Conan answered, “A poem that tells a story.

-There was a powerful king a long time ago

-A beautiful queen stood by him in the past

-Their kingdom lost the war to an alliance of ego

-For forty-five days and nights, the royalty was cut last.”


One of the boys excitedly asked, “What happened?”

Uncle Conan answered,

“-The bad guys slaughtered and pillaged

-They hacked the king’s head off his neck

-Tore the queen’s heart out from her chest

-But the children, women, and elderly were ravaged.

-So the king became the Headless Ride upon his death

-Swearing vengeance against his trespassers and foes’ villages

-The queen became the Heartless Maiden.

-She did not cry, but wanders the forest grieving

-It’s no legend. Those who meet the Heartless Widow,

-will tear our their own hearts from their chests, until numbing

-Those hunted by the Headless Rider are cursed with nowhere to hide

-When the willow tree is touched or harmed, the king fell in love with her then his wife can’t break the rules without dying for a pleases to save the world.

-It’s not just about being monsters, they only come for the dead ones.

-Stand or stay near the Willow Tree, the tree is cursed with a woman’s sadness and the king’s power-hungry lust. It’s just a future bloodbath.”

The four children did not understand their uncle’s poem.

One of the boys, Donald protested, “But Uncle! Are you trying to say that ghosts exist? If so, then why are the treasure chests there on this map? Why did you return the map to that foreigner?!”

Smack! Uncle Conan slapped his nephew in the face with his large hand, silencing the youngster’s voice. Uncle Conan was still holding Addie in his arms and scolded the children with a grave, desperate tone. He snatched their hands and sighed in relief.

“The poem I have given you is a warning from our ancestors. Ghosts do exist, so is the Curse of Netherbloom. But if you anger the spirits by taking what is not your, from their resting place, you will have to pay a horrible price. If you bear the black markings on your hands from going to the forbidden forest, you will die. Without your head or your heart in the cruelest, terrifying way possible.”

Lillian cried, “But why should we die from a horrible curse?”

Uncle Conan explained to his niece, “Because we are the descendants of the ones who brutally executed the king and queen of a forgotten empire. Once you know your death markings, you will receive a visit from the old gods, the Headless Rider or the Heartless Widow. Run, then you will be hunted to the end of the world. So I ask you now, what the fuck did you touch in the forest?!”

The four children did not say anything except to continue their defiant protests. Addie began to whimper and shudder, Uncle Conan looked out the window. What he saw brought despair to his face. His knees fell weak and the man sat down on the couch.

Knock! Knock! The people looked out the window and were startled unpleasantly. Against the frosted bluish glass, a woman was dressed in a white veiled dress with a bloody gaping large hole in her chest. Her face could not be seen because of the snow that began to fall harshly from the sky. But she has sharp twisted icicle fangs that glistened in her gentle smile as her black eyes stared at the four children with a delicate hunger.

The girls screamed, the boys shouted. She wrote a strange language on the window’s glass.

Uncle Conan stared at it for thirty seconds after the monstrous woman disappeared into the snowstorm. He said his prayer, “Thank you for forgiving us.” He turned to the children, “That’s a warning to you guys. Don’t go back to the forest anymore idiots.”


Need Comments for This Poem

This should be a poem written from the opposite gender’s perspective with a bit of humors. I would like for any readers to give me some pointers in the comment section below on whether I have fulfilled this poem’s requirements:

1. Is it really from an opposite gender’s perspective?

2. Is it humorous?

3. Is it boring?

Title: Lotus’s Concern

light nature water flowers
Photo by Lerkrat Tangsri on

1. Owner, please stop calling me a female!

A. I am a male!

B. The doctor said so.

2. Because I’m a male!

A. I like to fight and play hard.

B. I like to sit on his back of my bro.

3. Because I’m a male.

A. So Stop calling me a girl!

B. I’m cold-blooded reptile!

4. Owner: I can’t help it.

A. You were a girl for 8 years.

B. So? Cold-blooded reptile’s genders are so hard to tell.

C. Your name is neither male or female. So how can I tell?

Example: There is a Chinese protection Deity, Nezha also called the “Third Lotus Prince” because he was reborn from the flower. (Click on this link, if you want to know more information.)

But if you watch several Chinese films including both dramas and animation types, you would find Nezha’s androgynous gender confusing due to the time period of how children were displayed sometimes.

Challenge 14 – Creating a Ballad

This is the 14th Challenge. I will be writing a poem about a ballad for today. At the end of the poem, I will be trying my hands in referencing to other bloggers’ posts, starting with two for now and URLs attached.

Two weeks from now, we will be having Thanksgivings and by next month, December’s Christmas.

“Yay!” for everybody, but this season is kind of tough. So I will be leaving a haiku at the bottom of the Ballad and the two references.

How does that sound?

Cheer up!

This is also mine and your 14th Challenge today – Write a ballad and gives at least two references to two unrelated posts by other bloggers.

November 14, 2018

8:31 PM

Attempted Form: Ballad

Title: Of Flames and Smokes


1. An unseen horned, silver hare stares,

where the black flames have burned, its eyes bares.

The island was once a beauty of nature.

The mountains vomited its blazing hot magma

2. in the color; like of blood, down goes the lava.

Born from unsung rages and desires,

Obsidian smokes rose from the fires

to destroy the work brought by humanity in immature forms.

3. The hare wonder why it is now —

That the black smoking vomit from the volcano’s mouth

and the trees that bore leaves of gold, brown, bright blood red —

The colors of flames burning with spirits so furious and merry.

4. Hotter and many lives are buried

In the ashes the color of his mature wintermelon, scars of injured.

Sky o’ November stained with ashes,

and all under could barely breathe.

5. There is no relief, but a great grief

When reckless hands stokes the flickering thief.

What do you think the hare sees?

Bans of the flames sparked by wanted needs

6. A record of lost and missing lives;

so gone are the trees, Humans chides

as their homes crumbled to dusts.

The hare watches, “The fire still burns,

7. unseenly consequences of human’s fights.

An untimely tragedy out of control,

One that many relations regret.

Outrage will grow tides of blames.”

So what do you think?

I am having doubts on whether this one sounds like a ballad.

Here are unrelated references:

1) If you would like to read more poems, then you can try this blogger’s poem called the “The Pumpkin’s Fate” created By The Left Hand….

This poem has a unique and a darker perspective.

2) Or you can try read this post, if you desire to read articles or see pictures regarding humanity and landscapes like this one: “The View from Above Iceland” by Edge of Humanity Magazine

In the Edge of Humanity’s posted photos, the country of Iceland might be much more beautiful than you think from the bird’s eyes.

Here’s the haiku I have promised although I wonder if a pet turtle can count as a part of nature in some ways (?)

November 14, 2018

9:52 PM

Attempted Form: Haiku /

Title: Space Turtle?

Unfortunately, the camera has no ways to make the photo clear due to lack of lighting distinctions.

Chose the little lotus flower

Because s(he) was so young green

Reborn with gold tiger stripes

And a snow leopard’s guts like,

Now a ballerina in yoga pose from outer space.

Oops! For November 7 – Challenge #13: Post something nice and inspirational

Oops! I’m sorry that I missed last Wednesday on November 7, but here’s the 13th challenge. You can try posting something nice and inspirational for this month, and if you use someone else’s work, then make sure to ask for permission first. This is my apology.

November is very cold, so chilling

despite all the black smokes burning

with the red flames of last and this week.

Not sure why, but BEWARE of Campfire!


And this is my 13th Challenge:

Everything can destroy a life

Except for death where a cycle goes like a bike,

But survivors will always be stronger and wiser

And prepared than before the next time.

Poem 7 – The Halloween Monster

It’s the Day of the Dead this October,

It’s the Day of Samhaim, over Halloween,

The Day of Yao Guai  is somewhat past in July.

And any other holiday of the spirits.


It’s trick or treat.

Fi-fou-fee, I see


The baby monsters eat

Their candies so sweet.

You could choke on your teeth.


The night is dark and cold,

Lonely are the empty creeping streets.

Not a beat to be heard, silence is eerie.


The little ones have grown,

Not yet gone are the monsters that lives,

They wears new masks, the old ones are gone.


Shed like the caterpillars’ molting green skin,

So the grown-ups in their illusions, fly their wings.

For you, Happy Halloween.

But not for me this eve.

Challenge 10, A Third Poem – Writing an Elegy

Here’s a writing prompt and a challenge from me:  Write an elegy, a poem that mourn a specific loss and praise the object’s achievements or special traits.

Poem 6: Writing an Elegy for the Victimized Fishes

Mom, where are the fishes?
“They died after the bowl got washed.”
“Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!! My poor, poor weebies!”
(Just the innocent little fish-ies.)

Oh, poor little feeder goldfishes, so pitiful
My hands shook delicately with fury so bitter.
Unable to prolong your lives as intended, so shameful.

So fragile, only to be KO when touched the clean water

Down the trash can to the gutter in the sink, Chop! Chop! Brunn!
Pray for your happy lives, your sacrifices being tragically dumped.
Your accidental murders, a lesson for me well learned.
A miracle, you have long outlived your predecessor by three days.

In the great pond of the river and the sea,
Blue and pure beauty, you shall live your hearts.
And I shall have no more of your successors.
For my experiment of prolonging lives.


Challenge 8: Early October Fright Night

The black flat keyboard on the small Dell Laptop felt warmer with each musical pressing of the buttons. Her dry eyes stared at the bright white screen with the blue icon of Microsoft Word Document being lit at the black bottom of the taskbar. Black printed letters appeared as if inked into the monitor’s screen.

She sighed, “I need to turn in my PJ Autobiography to my professor. And there’s a test due Wednesday and another test I really need to study down into my flashcard.”

What’s time is it? She looked at the time in the left lower black corner of the bottom task bar. It’s 12:15 AM. Her older brother is sleeping in his room with dimmed white light glowing from within. But I am still awake.

Ah! I will do it tomorrow morning early by 6:00. So she went to sleep in her bed full of folded and unfolded clean laundry. Click! Click! Click! Click! She raised her to stare at her laptop that was turned off. So creepy. It won’t stop clicking like it’s haunted.

She thought to herself, I should go to sleep for the test tomorrow. She closed her eyes and fell deeply asleep. Buzzz! The laptop’s monitor lit up ominously and a shadow of a black wolf-shaped demon grew bigger and bigger until it smiled with blazing blood red eyes.

The demon inside the glowing laptop cackled silently with gnashing teeth that bleed purplish miasmas, “The delicious fruit will be mine!”

In her dream, the little girl saw strange things like memories that did not belong to her, but a young African American man. He was laughing with a woman in blue dress, who seemed to be his wife and a little boy in his arms. A tortoise? 

It was then that she saw a yellow desert tortoise walking by behind the family against the polished mahogany boarded walls. Then the scene around her shifted as the memories she saw, transformed her surrounding into a living room.

The girl saw a silverfish the size of her pinky finger and its silvery antennas were the length of her ringer finger. The insect skittered across the carpet gray fur floor under the raw leather hide brown couch. Under the couch, a large area under the couch were stained rich red in ghastly blood red and rotting filth brown. Then she saw a yellow desert tortoise walking toward her.

She thought, This is scary. Why am I seeing you in every memory that was not mine? Does this mean I am going to die a slow death in this creepy dream?

The yellow tortoise raised its small head and looked at her with wise gentle, sympathetic eyes. It seems to say, “You will be fine.”

But the girl woke up already and felt a sharp pain as if someone has sunk their claw into her stomach and squeezed two or three organs together. She lifted the blanket and turned on the light in the restroom. It was an agonizing stomach cramp, yet her period haven’t come yet. She stared at her phone’s clock, “I woke up at 1:15 AM? An upset stomach this early, so weird.”

The agonizing stomach cramp did not stop coming to the girl who tried to lie down on her bed and take a nap. At 2:30 AM, she went to the restroom because her stomach felt nauseous as if a man has punched her belly with his iron fist.  By 3:45 AM, the girl returned and wondered, what could be going on with my stomach?! It was 4:24 AM, the girl stared at her cell phone as she tried to release the pain from her stomach that couldn’t stop rolling like a washing machine spinning the dirty clothes violently.

Then the girl finally left the restroom and thought to herself, It feels like I am playing a creepy game of Five Nights at Freddy’s in the restroom and my bedroom. What the hell is going on? Not to mention that creepy laptop hasn’t stopped clicking like someone taking private pictures of me in my room! I’m scared!

She fell asleep for an hour and ten minutes, before she woke up to find her laptop bursting into hazardous flame. The flame devoured the dry paper white walls and roared as gas pipes broke loose and leaked into the room.

At 7:24 AM, a house on Stocker Street has been burned down. But the accursed laptop was drained dead and undamaged without any sign of a scratch nor burns. What’s even more disturbing was the message of the virus that was caught and cleansed by Anti-Virus system:  He, who slacks from his homework will be sent by the Examiner to suffer in hell of a thousand bleeding tests!


TV – End of the story. But this should be a writing prompt for anyone who want to write a narrative or their own creative writing about a seemingly-scary story.


Challenge 6 – Another Poem?

Today is Challenge 6! But I have a question since I wrote this poem which was supposed to be a syntax type and was told that it includes diction type as well.

So let see if you are up to the challenge of identifying any syntax, diction, or the message within this poem or is it a little too much?

Poem 4:  Type – Syntax; Flaws of the Asian Novel Clichés

  1. Lousy reading, a quite pain is
    1. Shame very such, sucks too much.


  1. Of immortal cultivation, learned I
    1. Overdose gone junkies, by pills, what?
  1. Of vengeful rebirth, astounded I
    1. Scheming outlast spies, by words, what?


  1. Tried out, the other novels of gaming otome,
    1. Turned out, narrow-minded are disturbed authors.
  1. Read this novel, like a broken radio static
    1. Modernizing idiots to geniuses, annoying converters.


Of a nobody trash overcomes, angered I

  1. Trash are disabilities, not specialties, the heck?

Of ability device and transmigration, wondered I

  1. Preset are racism, beauty white and brown plain, the heck?


So messy story bad, learned new things: “puking blood.”

The flaws are so bad, my brain’s grammars got scrambled.



Challenge 5 – Writing a Haiku

Today is Challenge 5, I will be trying to write a haiku for this season on October 3.

 Stormy darkness unveils,

 Will it rain today? Maybe tomorrow.

The cold, moist sky that darken in grey,

Is gentle, my eyes unlike the bright blue sunny.



Please tell me if I am not doing the haiku right and thank you for reading. And this is your challenge 5:  try to write a haiku about your season of your current month.

Challenge 4 – Write a Prompt for Fun

Hello! Time for Challenge 4 –  Working for Fun. Today, we are going to take a picture of something like this:


Such as your pets, flowers, or anything else you want to post or write a prompt about. For example, Lotus is receiving a smug halo from the warm heat lamp’s golden white rays while sitting on top of another turtle named Robot. Robot is pleading to the camera, “Please! Please help get this heavy guy off my back! I’m scared.”

Lotus says, “Hell no!”

Robot looked at the water and inched closer, and closer. SMASH! Both turtles hit the water with the sound of dropping an egg on a hard floor. Robot paddled his way up through the water to the basking dock and sat there.

Robot sighed, “Aaaaahhh.”

Lotus climbed back up the rock toward the basking dock where Robot sat back on his old throne, “Oh no you don’t!”


Meanwhile Spot, the black turtle looked on, “Seriously guys? I want to get up there!”


And the cycle repeats until they are exhausted themselves to a peaceful nap at night.

(No turtles were harmed in the process in real life or fiction life. Because this is Climb the Slide and Smash Game of hilarity.)

Hello from Ghost Bun

Hello! I am Ghost Bun, who will be blogging on every end of the week if there are less or no problems in real life (usually I do it when I have free time anyway); or end of the month if there is some problems I have to handle in my real life that requires constant filings. My friends often called me TV because there are clones whose names are exactly the same as my first name and sometimes, when I think of a story which can become an animated cartoons in my head. So TV is a fitting name. Somewhat.

I am learning how to blog in order to become a good writer and also for my resumes.

Sorry, It’s Been a While.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

10.52.17 PM


Sorry, It’s Been a While

Since I Have Gone to

Because Its Issues, the Hindrances I Tolerates.


I do have a Tale, a Penny of Thought to Share

“Go on, go on,” I can Hear the Voices Tells Us

When Crisis Comes, the Laws of Jungles Falls

Not Because of Humanity’s Decline nor War’s Uprising


A song of silence and echoing screams to be heard,

For Survival, the Weak Talents Become the Strong Rulers

For Adaptability, the Strong Skills Become the Weak Subjects

But Because of Unity’s Divide, Diversity’s Segregation,

Hubris Brags of Powers, Boasts of their Resources

Greed Seizes Unto Others and Hide Among People

I don’t Like It. Neither will You. Never Ours to Own, this World.


Yet I Wonders at the Question I have Encountered in Stories where

Rebirth, Second Chances, Transmigration to be Given,

The Desire to Nationalize One’s Kinds

The Desire to Monopolize One’s Sovereigns

The Desire to Propagate One’s Countries

Disgust, Mockery, and Criticism Thrive; Still I

See a Tree called “One with Knowledge and Evils”

And the Roots called “One with Simplicity and Goods”

All just a Sprout of Contradictions


A song of silence and echoing screams to be heard,

For Survival, the Weak Talents Become the Strong Rulers

For Adaptability, the Strong Skills Become the Weak Subjects

But Because of Unity’s Divide, Diversity’s Segregation,

Hubris Brags of Powers, Boasts of their Resources

Greed Seizes Unto Others and Hide Among People

I don’t Like It. Neither will You. Never Ours to Own, this World.



The Stories We Left Behind

Monday, August 12, 2019              09:46:05 AM

Of all the creatures on planet Earth

We are mankind, the human races

We engraved our stories on nature

Of wood, stone, bone, and leather

We are mammals, the primate species

We sung tales of battles and love

Of pain, joy, of sorrow, and rage


Of all the creatures on planet Earth

We are mankind, the human races

We are mammals, the primate species

Stories, we pass to our descendants, our inheritors

Stories lost in time of wars, genocides, and conquests

It’s in our nature to return to death.

It’s in our nature to leave a mark.

It’s in our nature to leave our youngs.

It’s in our nature to obey or defy fates.


Find our stories. Before our dying spirits fade away to oblivion

from Earth with answers to mysteries of nature and universe.

The tales of ghosts awaits their people

“Come find us. Before we fade.”


FAS: Timeline

1. The Origins

2. Forbidden Ballad – Tales of Aos and Oer, Laws of Cradle Island, Lovers in Time

3. The Flower and the Sword – Loves of the Tergaians, Birth of Netherbloom, Tales of Fangblade Coyote, Rising of Thrones

4. Defeat of the Demon King – Witch of Angorfin Empire, Fall of Sotherva Empire

5. Monsters of Erva Island – Heartless Hearth Queen, Headless Forge Beast

6. Roses of Fates – Blood Rose, Flesh Rose, Bone Rose, Soul Rose

7. Showdown Finale

(4S) FAS #02: Eclipsed Ballad


(4S) Flower and Sword #02: Eclipsed Ballad

Date: Tues, Jul.07232019.0651P.
Title: FAS: #02 Eclipsed Ballad
Protagonist Generation: 04
ECOS: Hongtze XV-274 Tergai PCaE –> Hongtze XV-220, Tergai PCaE <– Modern MXV- 2014 Tergai CCaE
Mode Processing: Time Travel, via Transmigration and Returnation
Integration, via Paradox Glitches: Rebirth, Resurrection
Travelers: Main Couple – ArmL + SilC, The Baby (Oer’s Reincarnation)
Culprits: 1) Tergai Immortal, Xaolei 2) Main Couple 3) Tergai Deity, Aos
WEC: 1) Love 2) Taboo Craving – Beauty  3) Paradox Glitches 4) Politics

Ca- Cambrian , C – Civilized, P – Paleo, E – Era; Roman Numerals for Time Period Setting Date, Period, Planet; ECOS = Ecological Conservation Order System;

WEC = World End Cause; Taboo Craving includes forbidden things, a normal person shouldn’t ever have

Plotline Schedule

1. Xaolei broke the Time Portal by accident and caused Main Couple’s Time Travel into the past as married couple separated by the military forced drafting of soldiers for War of Crowns plus the abduction and raid by slavers

↕ Class Rank: ArmL, Farmer –> Soldier

↕ Class Rank: SilC, Weaver –> Slave

+ Love Polygon: SilC ArmL, Level 1

Love Relation Shape – Line; Parties Involved 2 Alive

2. ArmL used his past knowledges to become Tselia’s Navy Captain and tried to return home, but united with his wife, SilC, who became a courtesan at the Wkysingese brothel with her special skills and lucks

↕ Class Rank: ArmL, Soldier –> Navy Captain

↕ Class Rank: SilC, Slave –> Courtesan

+ Love Polygon: SilC ArmL, Level 2

3. ArmL was forced away from his wife by duty for 3 months and promised to buy her freedom from the brothel, but a Wkysingese minister’s wife beat ArmL to it and adopted SilC as her substitute legitimate 4th daughter

↕ Class Rank: SilC, Courtesan –> Minister’s 4th Daughter

4. The Wkysingese Minister and his first wife sacrificed SilC to the Wkysing Palace, so they could promote SilC as a princess and substitute their unmarried 3rd daughter for a peace treaty via marriage to Tselia’s 3rd prince, CanDr

↕ Class Rank: SilC, Minister’s 4th Daughter –> 9th National Princess

5. The Emperor of Wkysing offered SilC’s hand to Tselia prince, CanDr during the meeting between the representative princes of Tselia, Wkysing, and Calwnd: 3rd prince, CanDr; Wkysing 1st prince, MarPh; 2nd prince, SabTi; and also, Tselia’s 57th Prince, ArmL, who nearly went berserk when he fell in love at first with SilC again

A/N:  Love at first sight? Should have coined the mode as “Berserk Horndog” the moment he saw her face.

↕ Class Rank: ArmL, Navy Captain –> 57th Prince


6. Three princes were not interested in SilC due to bad rumors about her skills and appearances caused by Wkysingese Minister’s 3rd daughter’s jealousy of her SilC being doted on by her parents, so CanDr dumped SilC on ArmL which slapped Wkysing Emperor’s face since he had to marry off the couple anyway

+ Love Polygon: SilC ArmL, Level 3

7. After re-marriage, SilC showed off her beauty, revolutionary talents and modern knowledges  for face-slapping time and attracted the attentions of CanDr, MarPh, SabTi, and especially their father regents: Wkysing Emperor, Calwnd King, and Tselia Sultan with her progressive ideals

+ Love Polygon: CanDr, MarPh, SabTi -user-> SilC ArmL, Level 3

Love Relation Shape – Pentagram; Parties Involved 5 Alive

8. At the same time, Arml’s masked his power, revolutionary skills, and ancient knowledge for revenge schemes and attracted the attentions of Tselia princess, SnoOl; Calwnd princess, CryPo; Wkysing princess, FlaCh and especially their mothers: Wkysing Empress, Calwnd Queen, and Tselia Concubine

+ Love Polygon: SnoOl, CryPo, FlaCh -user-> ArmL SilC, Level 3

Love Relation Shape – Decagon; Parties Involved 10 Alive

9. The suitors attempted to seduce, isolate, and monopolize the Main Couple, after learning the destiny of either spouse’s destiny to birth a child powerful enough to destroy or save the world, by courting with nefarious means from abuses of authorities and the creation of a political powerplay web


10. ArmL and SilC are competing against each other due to their conflicting ideals and lack of direct communications that stemmed from their previous life’s knowledges

11. ArmL is tricked by CanDr into war against Calwnd in an attempt to isolate SilC, but SilC followed ArmL into the battlefields where their subordinates became loyal to them against CanDr and SnoOl’s expectations

12. Despite the successes of Main Couple’s armies, the Main Couple and their allies were betrayed and hunted by their countries: Tselia and Wkysing, both of which had allied with Calwnd in attempt to capture and kill either SilC or ArmL by their suitors and rivals, who had succeeded their regent predecessors

↕ Class Rank: MarPh, Prince –> Wkysing Emperor

↕ Class Rank: FlaCh, Princess –> Wkysing Empress

↕ Class Rank: SabTig, Prince –> Cawlnd King

↕ Class Rank: CryPo, Princess –> Cawlnd Queen

↕ Class Rank: CanDr, Prince –> Tselia Sultan

↕ Class Rank: SnoOl, Princess –> Tselia Sultana

13. Main Couple and their allies were given a refuge by the Tergai Immortal, Xaolei in her Green Valley after being on the run from the entire world for 5 years

14. SilC’s maid, CotL and ArmL’s bodyguard, ShiT wished to have their own child and were granted entry to Cradle Island by Xaolei with another married couple of wealthier status from another country whose wishes were royal heirs

+ Love Polygon: CotL ShiT, Level 4

Love Relation Shape – Line; Parties Involved 2 Alive

15. CotL and ArmL passed their trials set by Xaolei’s Cradle Island rules and were rewarded with a seedling and blessing only to be murdered and their rewards stolen by the other jealous couple out of petty revenge

– Love Polygon: SilC ArmL, Level Max

Love Relation Shape – Line; Parties Involved 2 Dead


16. Xaolei was infuriated by the taints of murders and revoked the dead couple’s seedling from the murderers, who were then cursed by their own taints and banished to their homeland

17. Xaolei turned the dead couple’s souls into a pair of birds and came to SilC and ArmL for assistance in preserving the life of their best friends’ only offspring by making SilC pregnant with the soul of unborn child from the seedling whose destiny was to bring Peace and Order to Tergai

18. SilC and ArmL stumbled upon a lost shrine dedicated to appeasing the Tergai deity of Chaos, Aos whose boredom, laziness, and reckless search for his supposed mate, Oer brought wars and strife among the Tergai natives to the point the other Tergai deities had to seal Aos in his own shrine

19. The Main Couple decided to unseal Aos in order to end the War of Crowns, but their enemies from the Kingdom Alliance caught up with them

20. The Main Couple sent away many of their loyal subordinates to  prevent the casualties brought by the onslaught of the Kingdom Alliance and Aos’s awakening


21. ArmL did a sword dance while defending SilC, who was busy summoning Aos through playing high pitched perfect notes with a zither during their last stand

22. MarPh, SabTig, CanDr, FlaCh, SnoOl, and CryPo kept attacking Main Couple even after their military forces were pushed back by Main Couple’s teamwork power and the successful awakening of Aos

23. Aos demanded the Main Couple’s daughter (soul of the seedling) in return for cleaning the mess he caused in his rampage since the unborn child was the reincarnated form of his  counterpart mate, Oer, Tergai Deity of Order

A/N:  . . . (:-{  Asking the God of Chaos to solve his chaotic mess a.k.a. War of Crown with chaos? How does that even work?

24. The Kingdom Alliance witnessed the unsealing of Aos and shot the Main Couple dead in the middle of contracting ritual with Aos, which enraged the Tergai god whose wrath summoned earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, and powerful shockwaves that shaped the landscapes forever and took thousands of lives

– Love Polygon: SilC ArmL, Level Max

Love Relation Shape – Line; Parties Involved 2 Dead

25. Aos cursed the regents and military forces of Tselia, Wkysing, and Cawlnd responsible for Main Couple’s death and his prolonged search for his mate, Oer with Blood Bane Hunt and reincarnated himself after realizing that the Main Couple’s baby was still barely alive


26. The regents held a funeral service for Main Couple in Cawlnd’s temple to appease Aos, Xaolei, and other deities after realizing the gravity of their situations when they were forced to kill their own monstrous, battle-crazed soldiers

27. But the dead Main Couple were separated by the unrepentant regents in 2 different tombs against Xaolei’s order and SilC’s corpse gave birth to a baby, which the regents of Tselia, Wkysing, and Cawlnd were torn between raising the baby as their own or killing the last progeny of their rivals

28. Three Cawlnd temple priests divined the baby’s fate incorrectly as Harbinger of Misfortune and her auras is too ominous for anyone in close proximity, so the power rival of ArmL, DarR and his wife, AlbR adopted the baby (infertile for too long)

29. Nights later, Main Couple’s corpses vanished from their tombs and fused into a cryptid causing panic among the priests in Cawlnd while the three kingdoms of Tselia, Wkysing, and Cawlnd were attacked by monsters spawned from Aos’s curse

30. Under Aos’s powerful curse, monsterized soldiers will spawn more monsters to hunt down all the people sharing blood ties to Kingdom Alliance’s forces  involved in Main Couple’s murder; 2 months later, all three kingdoms RIP

31. 1 Generation later, FAS: #03 – Flower and Sword

Summary: in 5 paragraphs, 20 sentences

Main Couple – ArmL and SilC Traveled back in time to Hongtze Period when their souls got warped in time because Xaolei, the sorceress broke the Time Portal. Main Couple were reborn as married couple who were torn apart by the war between three kingdoms:  Wkysing, Cawlnd, and Tselia. ArmL got drafted into the military and SilC got sold to a brothel by the slavers. Main Couple were reunited by fates in the brothel, in the palace, in the battlefields and pried apart multiple times by love rivals and foes alike for politics, self-benefits, and power gains.

A low-ranked Wkysingese minister’s main wife bought SilC’s slave contract from the brothel to sacrifice SilC to the Wkysing Palace as a substitute for the minister’s favorite daughter in a peace treaty marriage. But the minister’s daughter ruined SilC’s reputation, allowed Wkysing Emperor to be mocked by the other royal representatives, yet SilC was married off to ArmL with his recently promoted status. After Main Couple’s true identities were exposed during their marital fights by the minister’s daughter, Main Couple’s power status attracted the royalties of Tselia, Wkysing, Cawlnd for the same reason – desire for power since a powerful child with the ability to grant world peace was fated be born by either spouse. Main Couple’s conflicted revolutions made a Paradox Glitch that disrupted the ECOS’s Timeline, Life Cycle, and D-Boundary.

As a result, the ECOS recognized Main Couple as immediate threats and Main Couple’s out of characteristic traits attracted the princes and princesses of three kingdoms as suitors and enemies. Political powerplay ensued, attempts to isolate Main Couple erupted, and persistent courting turned into obsessions over power. Main Couple were forced to flee with their people to Green Valley for refuge from Xaolei and hosted the soul of an unborn child via pregnancy after their best friends:  ShiT and NeeB were killed by another petty, royal couple after being blessed with a seedling child from passing Cradle Island Trials. Main Couple tried to solve the War of Crown by unsealing Tergai Deity of Chaos, Aos from his shrine.

Main Couple got killed during the ritual by their enemies, the leaders of the Kingdom Alliance, which summoned Aos’s wrath and Blood Bane Hunt Curse. Aos reincarnated into the new era to unite with Oer’s reincarnation, the baby born from Main Couple’s corpses by miracle and her fate as Harbinger of Disaster recognized by three powerful Cawlnd priests. ArmL’s martial rival, DarR and his wife, AlbR’s adoption saved the baby’s life temporarily from infanticide and brainwashing by the regents of three kingdoms. The disappearance and transformation of Main Couple’s corpses into a cyrtid led to panic among the Cawlnd faithful commune as a catalyst to the destruction of three kingdoms by Ao’s curse two months later.


Summarized Importance: The web of political powerplay, the desire for power monopoly, and contradicting Travelers’ goals, and failures of the Travelers led to the destructive events of Tergai’s three powerful kingdoms:  Tselia, Cawlnd, and Wkysing which originated from the previous story’s Vas Tribe. The Blood Bane Hunt was branched into three variants of the curse: Undead Blood, Insect Bone, and Mecha Breath were inflicted on the entire Kingdom Alliance, impacting the Tergai’s ECOS’s Life Cycle, Timeline, and D-Boundary again with increasing amount of environmental destruction.

However, this tragic event set the preluding stages for the next story in Flower and Sword Series: #03 The Flower and The Sword where the protagonists have to face extreme hardships by living parallel lives in order to achieve their goals.


Travel Side Effects

When Main Couple Twins arrived at Hongtze Period during the Time Travel via Transmigration and Returnation, their minds were slightly adjusted to Tergai’s time period under the rules of Tergai’s ECOS. If the Travelers failed to adjust their minds to the time period’s warp effects as soon as possible, the Travelers will face either death, amnesia, coma, insanity, retardation, or any form of mental warping that shows 30 degree – 360 degree changes in personality (including dissociative personality disorder, bipolar disorder, dual personality, etc.) if they survived the process.

  • Both ArmL and SilC got the Time Travel symptoms
    • ArmL become a sociopathic yandere, really paranoid
      • Think he’s the villain of a novel with revenge plot
      • Contributed to War Trauma
    • SilC become a genius airhead, too impulsive
      • Think she’s the heroine of a game with harem plot
      • Contributed to Disease Trauma
  • Xaolei has a dubious sanity due to her age
    • Been alive since the birth of Tergai Deities
    • Been a witness to epic tragedy fests
    • Also a Traveler, was human
  • Aos, Deity of Chaos and Wars
    • Dude’s also insane to boot from lifelong prison time
    • Become a sociopathic grouch, apathetic and malevolent deity —
      • “Will stab your eye out if you wake me up”
    • Still an A*hole Jerk even after being sealed
      • Contributed to Imprisonment and Loss of Counterpart Mate Traumas
  • The Baby (Oer’s Reincarnation)
    • Left comatose after falling down the Clenrau Spiral by Aydiot from Higeru Plane to Loweru Plane
    • Died multiple times, so memories got warped and wiped on and off
      • Has a blank, empty space in the Mind Field
      • Contributed to Physical, Multiple Death, Fall and Separation Trauma

Side Note about Time Travel:

One of the most severe consequences from Time Travel is Paradox Glitch which can has several forms- the Constant Looper, Auto-Correct, Lagging Freeze, Broken Fates, Nonexistence, Historical Alteration, and Volatile Warper. Those consequences are the results of changes made by the characters within a specific timeline which can severely impact the ECOS’s original Timeline and cause the characters’ existences to absolutely cease, meaning [ Objects – “Souls” Does not Exist].

Basically, if a Paradox Glitch occurred. Then EVERYTHING GETS TOO WACKY TO THE ABSURDLY EXTREMES OF IMPOSSIBILITIES. This event is described as “Broke the Clock!”

A/N Important Note to Self:


Integration is a process of naturalization or becoming part of and accepted by the current world’s ECOS via various process like birth, trapped in this world, etc.

The Baby’s incarnation was an extraterrestrial being from the highest plane of immortals, the Higeru Plane and a new Tergai goddess (administrator on the planet) , Oer of peace, harmony, and order. During the struggle from harassment with another Tergai deity, Aydiot, Oer was shoved and locked into the shuttle / spaceship. The spaceship was ejected into space from its station on one of Tergai’s moons and straight into the Cendral Spiral, a bizarre wormhole / blackhole.

The gravity force, time travel speed, and lack of power, fuels, and control pulled the entire vehicle into the hole to the other side like a whirlpool in ECOS’s soul system. The vehicle fell like a meteorite and crashed into the lowest plane of mortals, the Loweru Plane. Oer died via a collision course upon explosive impact. Xaolei found a fragment of Oer’s soul from the site after seeing the soul fragments being scattered into the ECOS.

Her counterpart mate and husband, Aos sensed her distress and failed to get to her in time on Loweru Plane.  He had a very severe, destructive breakdown when he found the crash site and none of her incoporeal remains (not even a molecule) left. Without his mate to counter his power and restore the balance, Aos almost killed everyone including his own friends after he turned malevolent in his chaotic madness during the unleashing of Total Chaos of Oblivion on both Higeru, Cendral, and Loweru Plane. His friends have to seal him under his shrine for years despite being worshipped by his devious followers. Due to his keen detection of Oer’s presence on Loweru Plane, Aos was forced to wait.

Names (Gender-based)

The characters’ names are gender-based and evolved from class and rank to include actual names of animal, weapon, flower, and texture color. The three letters of abbreviated first name represent the adjective that describes accurately the Male’s Power or the Female’s Beauty. The first letter of the abbreviated second name represent the living species as Male are named after beasts while Females are named after plants.

Ex 1. Boy name would be “Armorwing Falcon” and its abbreviated name would be ArmF.

Ex 2. Girl name would be like “Lantern Bush” and its abbreviated name would be LanB.

Below is a list of characters’ abbreviated names and meanings:

* (+) in between the characters’ names meant couple pairing

  1. (ArmL = Armorblitz Leopard) + (SilC = Silk Cactus)
  2. (CanDr = Cannon Dragon) + (SnoOl = Snow Oleander)
  3. (SabTig = Saber Tiger) + (CryPo = Crystal Poppy)
  4. (MarPh = Martial Phoenix) + (FlaCh = Flame Chrysanthemum)
  5. (ShiT = Shield Tortoise) + (NeeB = Needle Blossom)
  6. (DarR = Dartwing Raven) + (AlbR = Albino Rose)
  7. ( Aos = Chaos) + (Oer = Order)

A/N:  You didn’t read it as ” S* ” out loud, did you? LOL.

Hidden Details:

Silk Catcus (SilC) died before TT (Time Travel)

  • Came from the Modern Period, transferred via traffic accident
    • Transmigrated back in time, Hosted into the body of a sick slave woman
      • Still married to ArmL at that time
      • Awakened late after ArmL got drafted and village raided by slavers
  • Poisoned from birth, sent off to the kitchen to be turned into a human bun by Wkysing Empress just to torment SilC’s birth concubine mother
    • Survived due to concubine mother’s efforts at escape, but the mother was executed for trying to leave the Wkysing Emperor’s Harem
    • Born with HOST’s cultivation power
  • Hot-headed personality, loud talker, modernist
    • Naïve, reckless and has a high luck stats
    • Tend to show-off her surgeon skills, assassin experiences
  • Want to revolutionize the historical world with advanced technologies
    • Guns, modern medicines, machines
    • Advocate Individualism and Progressive Stance
  • Rivals for SilC’s Heart
    • FlaCh, Wkysing’s royal princess
    • CryPo,Cawlnd’s divine princess
    • SnoOl, Tselia’s battle princess
  • Suitors for ArmL’s Head
    • MarPh, Wkysing’s crown prince
    • SabTig, Cawlnd’s minister prince
    • CanDr, Tselia’s general prince
      • Murdered SilC

A/N:  Political figures of powers especially for women in the harem tends to be brutal to their enemies, but traitors always dies harsh in the pasts


Armorblitz Leopard died after TT

  • Came from the Historical Period, transferred via clan massacre
    • Returned back in time, Hosted into his body of an injured soldier
      • Still married to SilC at that time
      • Awakened early in the middle of battlefields before SilC’s enslavement
    • Born with fatal birth defect related to his brain, swapped out at birth with his son by Tselia Sultan’s concubine brother
      • Survived due to an eunuch, who took pity on him and gave him to a childless household which will be massacred for falsified treasons
    • Cool-headed personality, silent talker, traditionalist
      • Cynical, paranoid and has a high resistance stats
      • Tend to mask his royal identity status and his strategist talents
  • Want to maintain the historical world with ancient technologies
    • Swords, traditional medicines, magics
    • Advocate Collectivism and Traditional Stance
  • Main Enemies from this World
    • Rivals for SilC’s Heart
      • MarPh, Wkysing’s crown prince
      • SabTig, Cawlnd’s minister prince
      • CanDr, Tselia’s general prince
    • Suitors for ArmL’s Head
      • FlaCh, Wkysing’s royal princess
      • CryPo,Cawlnd’s divine princess
      • SnoOl, Tselia’s battle princess
        • Murdered ArmL

A/N: It’s absurd, but lots of death have been contributed to unpredictable emotions like jealousy when people tend to focus more about improving their stations and getting hands on power. One mythological example:  Olympian Gods of Greek Myths.   


Tergai deity, Aos

  •  “-ad” Type (Dark, Destructive, “Evil” Force)
  • Govern wars and chaos
  • Messy cleaner, main solution:  destroy everything
  • Crazy A*Hole enough to get sealed by other Tergai Deities on Loweru Plane
    • Went on a rampage on Mortal Plane for his absent counterpart mate, Oer
      • Beat up another deity, Aydiot, who banished Oer to Loweru Plane
    • Took 3 Tergai deities to seal him into a shrine and scatter his power
  • Boredom from the sealing and rampage led to fragments of his power over chaos and wars domain to be out of control
    • Caused wars on Tergai, like War of Crown to last more than thousand years
    • No Oer * (No Aos = More Chaos) + (Aos = Still Chaos) = More Wars = More Damages to ECOS’s Life Cycle = No World Peace
  • Reincarnated himself into Mortal Plane’s Current Era to unite with Oer
    • Wrath destroyed landscapes and kingdoms
      • Used Blood Bane Hunt on Kingdom Alliance and their leaders
      • More people died even children, elderly, and innocents
        • Friend, Tergai Deity of Death, Rekathed is mad
  • Very violent due to his association with wars, only relent to Oer
    • Stopped from going any further, by Oer’s soul in her unborn baby form that managed to survive the deaths of her biological parents

Causes of War of Crown

  1. Tergai Deities like Aos and Oer
  2. Sun Crown Curse, Active Fragments from Generation 01
  3. Moon Shroud Curse, Active Fragments from Generation 01
  4. Main Couple’s Revolutionary Switch-A-Roo Trigger
  5. Eternal and Absolute Power Control
  6. Kingdom Pride, Advanced Warfare, Political Powerplay, Alliance Treaties, and Wealth Hoarding (KAPAW – the equivalent of Causes of World Wars)
  7. Ancient Family Feud, Descended from Generation 01 Antagonist’s Sons

Author’s Note to Self: >:-0 Ugh!  Breaking down the entire plotline of a single story just to turn it into 2-3 paragraph summary is very tough. Impossible mission meant eternal quest, painful way to suffer.

(4S) FAS #01: The Originals


(4S) Flower and Sword #01: The Originals

Date: Mon, Jul.07222019.1105A.
Title: FAS: #01 The Originals
Protagonist Generation: 01
ECOS: Modern VC-43X COE, Govir –> Neolithic IX-32, Tergai POE
Mode Processing: Dimensional Travel, via Summon
Travelers: Govirian Twins – MaCo (Dark) and PrPs (Light)
Culprits: 1) Tergai Deity, Aydiot; 2) Foreign Tergai Deity, Shawei
WEC: 1) Love 2) Taboo Craving – Immortality 3) Jealousy

O – Ordovician, C – Civilized, P – Paleo, E – Era; Roman Numerals for Time Period Setting Date, Period, World; ECOS = Ecological Conservation Order System;

WEC = World End Cause; Taboo Craving includes  forbidden things that a normal person should never possess

Plotline Schedule

1. Aydiot summoned the twins prematurely from Govir to Tergai with the Summon Portal, then tasked Light Twin with a difficult mission to unify the world after blessing the Light Twin

2. Shawei saved Dark Twin from dying and brought the Govir Twins to Rou Village, where the sisters got their identities: Dark Twin –> MaCo, Light Twin –> PrPs

3. The Rou Tribe valued PrPs for being powerful and brillant, but shunned MaCo, who was found powerless and unskilled leading to the growth of MaCo’s hatred and jealousy of PrPs

4. + Love Polygon: MaCo -crush-> SlCh PrPs

Love Relation Shape – Angle; Parties Involved 3 Alive

5. MaCo broke the rules to save an outsider, PrCh, who came from the Vas Tribe to scout recruits and probe the Rou Tribe’s threat potential to Vas Tribe’s world conquest


6. + Love Polygon: MaCo -one-sided-> PrPs

Love Relation Shape – Diamond; Parties Involved 4 Alive

7. PrCh’s defeat by PrPs’s chosen husband, SlCh from both grace trials and martial combat, PrPs’s spurning of his proposals, PrCh’s eviction with his memories sealed by the Rou Elders, MaCo’s love brought PrCh’s humiliation and PrCh swore revenge on Rou Tribe

8. MaCo followed PrCh to help him regain his memories only for PrCh to take revenge by invading the Rou Village and causing many deaths including SlCh’s, the enslavement of Rou tribeswomen and PrPs’s premature, fatal childbirth

9. PrPs entrusted her son by SlCh to MaCo before death after MaCo was made concubine by PrCh, so MaCo freed the Vas Tribe’s slaves and prisoners with PrCh’s retainer, PrRe

10. + Love Polygon: PrCh PrPs -obsessed-> PrRe MaCo

Love Relation Shape Web or otherwise, a hexagon; Parties Involved 4 Alive, 2 Dead


11. MaCo and PrRe were caught and framed for a crime in PrCh and PrCo’s schemes, then punished brutally with MaCo forced to bear witness to PrRe’s execution and her own death by PrCh causing her miscarriage – kid was from PrCh

12. MaCo sacrificed her soul to the souls of the slain Rou Tribe and victims of the Vas Tribe to curse PrCh’s crowned dagger and foretold the downfall of Vas Tribe especially PrCh’s transformation and demise by his own descendants bearing the marks of Netherbloom to spite PrCh’s desire for immortality

13. The Vas Tribe didn’t believe MaCo until PrCh turned into a monster after his despotic paranoia drove him to kill his own people and was exiled by his tribe which fell into civil war and became vulnerable to the invasion by four rebelling tribes, wild beasts, and the Blue Plague

14. Shawei witnessed the epic tragedy and tried to correct the wrongs left by Aydiot by gathering all the souls including MaCo’s soul fragment at the Green Valley in Gradle Island to wait for their rebirths.

Summary: in 4 paragraphs, 12 sentences

A Tergai deity, Aydiot summoned the Govir twins to his world and ditched them with an illegal, premature mission to save the world. Another foreign Tergai deity, Shawei brought the twins to the Rou Village and the Govir twins adopted their names as MaCo and PrPs. MaCo envied PrPs for being able to receive love freely from the Rou Tribe especially from their crush, SlCh while PrPs envied MaCo’s freedom.

MaCo fell for a guy, PrCh whom she rescued from his near-death, starting the epic tragedy of the Rou Tribe. PrCh of the Vas Tribe, was tasked with infiltrating the Rou Tribe, but became obsessed with monopolizing PrPs, power, and immortality. PrCh was humiliated by PrPs’s rejections, his loss in the marital trials, his loss to SlCh, PrPs’s husband in a combat duel, MaCo’s devoted love, and his amnesiac eviction by the Rou Elders.

PrCh returned with half his memories and destroyed the Rou Village, causing thousands of deaths including SlCh and enslavement of the Unmarked Rou children. MaCo was made concubine by PrCh as a substitute of her twin and was treated horribly for her lack of power. MaCo was entrusted with PrPs’s child and cursed by her twin to suffer for several lifetimes before PrPs’s childbirth death.

PrRe, PrCh’s retainer fell in love and helped MaCo free all the Vas Tribe’s slaves, but the couple got caught by PrCh and his concubine sister, PrCo’s schemes. PrCh had MaCo and PrCh executed, then got cursed with his entire tribe by MaCo to turn into a monster with a prophesized demise by his own descendants. PrCh get exiled from the Vas Tribe for his tyranny and form leading to the Vas Tribe’s eventual destruction, so Shawei tried to guide disoriented souls back to the life cycle by gathering all of them at Cradle Island.


Summarized Importance: The complicated love relationships, the desire for power monopoly, and premature Travelers’ appearances, and failures of the Travelers led to the destructive events of Tergai’s two powerful tribes – Rou and Vas. Three powerful curses: Sun Crown, Immortal Rose, and Moon Shroud were inflicted on the main Protagonist and the Antagonist, impacting the Tergai’s ECOS’s life cycle.

However, the tragic events set the preluding stages for the next story in Flower and Sword Series: #0.2 Peace Ballad where the protagonists have to suffer in order to end a thousand years war between three kingdoms –Cawlnd, Tselia, and Wkysing.


Travel Side Effects

When Govir Twins arrived on Tergai during the Dimensional Travel via Summoning, their bodies were forced to slightly adapt to Tergai’s environment under the rules of Tergai’s ECOS. If the Travelers’ bodies have failed to adapt to any changes brought by their new environment as soon as possible, the Travelers will die or become malformed if they survived the process.


The characters’ first abbreviated name is based on class and the second abbreviated name combined is based on the characters’ profession usually achieved by a form of rank promotion.

* Can be confusing if readers and viewers are not careful.Ex. Female: PrPs = Princess

Priestess, MaCo = Maid Concubine, PrCo = Princess Concubine

Male: PrCh = Prince Chief, SlCh = Slave Chief, PrRe = Prince Retainer

Hidden Details:

Dark Twin (MaCo) almost died from DT (Dimensional Travel)

  • Came from the Urban District, transferred from ancient Govir shrine
  • Beaten and stabbed during her prostitution by both clients and pimp
    • Wounds agitated by Travel and serious infections left untreated
      • Saved by Shawei’s healing and guidance
      • Instant dislike and automatic neglect by Aydiot
    • Adapted to this life and death situation by developing unique Dark-Type powers and other extremely weak elemental powers
      • Her specialized power was made dormant under ECOS’s protocols regarding Travelers for the Tergai World’s safety
  • Very practical and more clear-headed except in romance
    • Had useless knowledges and invaluable skills
    • Common appearance, dark villager complexion

A/N: Not trying to be discriminative here, but I’m just using a cliched concept from the C-Novel and J-Novel’s beauty standards in historical or primitive world. There are reasons for that kind of beauty standardized appearance unfortunately:  wealth and power status, exotic look, health status, and hostile status.


Light Twin (PrCo) almost got lost in white space from DT

  • Came from the Rural District, got transferred from sealed Govir cave
  • Trapped and lost during her exploration by curiosity and the cave-in
    • Left without any sense of directions in the forest alone from the Travel
      • Rescued by Shawei’s feeding and guidance
      • Instant like and automatic attention by Aydiot
    • Adapted to this life and death situation by developing unique Light-Type powers and other extremely strong elemental powers
      • Her specialized power was made active by Aydiot against ECOS’s protocol regarding Travelers for the Tergai World’s safety
  • Very naïve and air-headed except in romance
    • Had revolutionary knowledges and valuable talents
    • Unique appearance, white beauty standard

A/N: Not trying to be discriminative here, but I’m just using a cliched concept from the C-Novel and J-Novel’s beauty standards in historical or primitive world. Appearance was important in deciding a marriage, business, love, and politics even from the past to present time of today and attractive appeals still matters to some people.


Tergai deity, Aydiot is a moronic, irresponsible immature deity

  • Focused on Light Twin (PrPs) and ignored MaCo’s lethal wounds
  • Blessed PrPs with unfair CHEATS while MaCo got none, without ECOS’s authority
  • Tasked the twins to restore world peace without authority from ECOS
  •  Ditched the girls and left them trapped in the white space

A/N: Powerful enough to mess with the Summon Portal, but not mature enough to face your screw-up? Very, if not, typical of Isekai Deity stereotype. Summon it, f* up the process, broke the rules, then fake it, and ditch the kids to their fates.


Author’s Note to Self:  TTxTT If I have to fix WordPress’s messy format, then I have to fix its coding in HTML.